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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Adam Appleby of Easby

Originally, we thought that the Easby which Adam gave as his birthplace in the censuses was the Easby near Stokesley in North Yorkshire.  Then we realised that given the other places mentioned by family members, it was more likely to have been Easby by Richmond - the site of the historic Easby Abbey on the banks of the River Swale.


We have not managed to find any record for Adam's christening, but he obligingly remarried late in life (after the introduction of General Registration) and this marriage certificate revealed that he was the son of a Robert Appleby labourer.


Adam could be connected to the line of William Appleby of Kirby Fleetham - also close to Richmond.  This seems very likely as there are a number of children with the same names in Adam's family as appeared in the line of William of Kirkby Fleetham.


Our research was complicated by the fact that two of Adam's sons married the same woman - and she had children with both of them as well as another son from an earlier marriage.  To make it clearer, here is a chart showing Elizabeth Johnson's three marriages and the children from each of them.


We have a set of yDNA results for a descendant of this line (from the branch of Adam's son Christopher Appleby, which show that the line shares a common ancestor with a number of other Appleby lines - see NORTHERN Group TWO in the latest DNA results.  However, it is likely  that there are a number of living Appleby descendants from the branch of Christopher's younger brother William - please do get in touch if you can provide any further details about this line.


Appleby Adam 1787-1866

Appleby Adam 1869-

Appleby Albert Henry 1910-

Appleby Alice 1901-

Appleby Ann 1836-

Appleby Annie 1903-

Appleby Catherine 1830-

Appleby Catherine 1857-

Appleby Charles Johnson 1856-1880

Appleby Charlotte 1818-

Appleby Charlotte M 1865-

Appleby Christopher 1825-1861

Appleby Dorothy 1814-

Appleby Dorothy 1862-

Appleby Edward Adam 1825-

Appleby Elizabeth 1823-

Appleby Elizabeth 1853-

Appleby Elizabeth 1906-

Appleby Eve 1874-

Appleby Florence Mary 1909-

Appleby Frances A 1868-

Appleby George 1879-1915

Appleby George 1905-

Appleby Grace 1860-

Appleby Hannah Jane 1909-

Appleby Henry 1833-

Appleby Henry Wilson 1897-

Appleby John 1855-

Appleby John 1896-1911

Appleby John William 1903-

Appleby Mark 1821-

Appleby Mary 1816-

Appleby Mary Ellen 1900-

Appleby Robert

Appleby Robert 1895-

Appleby Robert Henry 1860-

Appleby Sarah Ann 1851-

Appleby Sarah Ann 1856-

Appleby Senora 1905-

Appleby Teddy 1879-

Appleby Thomas 1903-

Appleby William 1827-1911

Appleby William 1863-

Appleby William 1881-

Appleby William 1898-

Appleby William Henry 1871-1911

Appleby Wilson 1877-

Graham Catherine 1791-1861

Hindmarch Mary Elizabeth 1878-

Hudson Charles 1864-

Johnson Elizabeth 1827-1891

Martin Sarah

Mattinson Hannah 1861-

Porter Ada 1885-

Richardson Mary 1874-

West Frederick J

West Kate 1881-

Whitfield Eleanor 1833-1901

Wild George 1807-

Wilson Margaret Jane 1877-1911

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