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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Appelbees of Hinckley, Leicestershire

We have started this line with William Appelbee, who was buried in Hinckley in 1789.  However his children seem to be the first Appelbees to be born in Hinckley.  We know that William was born in Snitterfield in Warwickshire and was apprenticed to a baker in Coventry in 1730 before moving to Hinckley, where he married Elizabeth Blick .  We hope to publish the tree for the Snitterfield Appelbees in the near future.


The first few generations of Appelbees in Hinckley seem to have been non-conformists as many of their baptisms and burials took place in the Presbyterian Chapel and after 1772  in the newly built Great Meeting Chapel  


We know that some early members of this line were bakers and confectioners, later members worked in the printing and newspaper industry.

ChurchWalk circa 1905

Church Walk, circa 1905

In the 17th and 18th centuries Hinckley was famous for making hosiery after the first stocking frame was brought to the town in 1640.

Members of this line lived in Reading in Berkshire and Belper in Derbyshire and some of William's descendants emigrated to Australia.


We would be very pleased to hear from any descendants of this line, especially if you can provide additional information.

click here to view a chart showing descendants of William Appelbee


Appelbee Alvan William

Appelbee Ann 1781-

Appelbee Anne 1760-

Appelbee Arthur James 1922-1999

Appelbee Cecil Malcolm 1900-1959

Appelbee Cecil William Victor 1881-1937

Appelbee Cecilia 1784-

Appelbee Cecilia M 1905-1940

Appelbee Charlotte Theresa 1870-

Appelbee Daisy M 1886-

Appelbee Donald W N 1903-1936

Appelbee Doris E 1910-1981

Appelbee Edwin Henry 1878-

Appelbee Eliza 1813-1814

Appelbee Elizabeth 1782-

Appelbee Elizabeth 1825-1825

Appelbee Elsie Kathleen 1892-

Appelbee Emma 1814-

Appelbee Emma Louisa 1872-

Appelbee Emma Theresa 1847-

Appelbee Eva E 1883-

Appelbee Evelyn May 1900-1980

Appelbee Flora Eveline 1879-

Appelbee Frederick William 1874-

Appelbee George Hood 1816-1894

Appelbee George Ilsley 1844-1890

Appelbee George Robert Hood 1866-1945

Appelbee Hannah 1796-

Appelbee Hannah 1829-

Appelbee Herbert George Robert Hood

Appelbee Horace 1860-1918

Appelbee Horace Charles 1868-

Appelbee Jane 1800-

Appelbee Jane 1818-

Appelbee John 1776-1861

Appelbee John 1746-1746

Appelbee John W 1857-1897

Appelbee Joseph Bacon 1750-1823

Appelbee Kenneth Brian 1920-1988

Appelbee Leonard R 1921-1973

Appelbee Leslie George 1908-1958

Appelbee Lydia 1786-

Appelbee Malcolm Henry

Appelbee Malcolm Maurice 1876-

Appelbee Mary 1775-

Appelbee Mary 1749-

Appelbee Mary Ann 1809-

Appelbee Maurice Vernon

Appelbee Raymond Arthur

Appelbee Reginald Edward

Appelbee Reginald G H 1888-

Appelbee Robert 1757-1839

Appelbee Robert 1807-1895

Appelbee Robert Hood 1843-1879

Appelbee Sarah 1793-

Appelbee Sarah 1821-

Appelbee Sarah 1774-

Appelbee Sarah Ann 1850-

Appelbee Stanley Ronald

Appelbee Thomas 1772-

Appelbee Thomas Bacon 1748-1748

Appelbee Verdun T L 1917-1954

Appelbee William -1789

Appelbee William 1778-

Ashby Sarah 1749-1792

Bishop Elizabeth 1858-1911

Blick (nee Bacon) Elizabeth 1720-1767

Campion Ann -1792

Denton Eleanor Grace

Eaglesfield James

Felton Jno

Gunton Elizabeth 1762-1851


Hood Elizabeth 1785-1867

Ilsley Charlotte 1818-1890

Inchley Thomas

Lewington Ester Ella 1888-1980

Marlow Margaret 1772-1824

Milsom Henry R

Neale Henry

Norrish Elizabeth

Paul John

Perkins Thomas

Royce Hannah 1808-1891

Sharp Henry

Winch Susan


DNA results

We have one set of yDNA results from a descendant of this line - and these fall into the E1b1b1 haplogroup.  We believe that the results fall into MIDLANDS GROUP FIVE - but this group is much more distantly connected that our other yDNA groupings.  It is likely that the three lines that fall into this group so far are connected at least 500 years ago - which means we are unlikely to discover the shared ancestor through conventional genealogical research!