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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys of East Retford

Robert Appleby married Ann Butler in 1778 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire.  We don't know what Robert's occupation was, but his descendants held a wide variety of trades: miller, brickmaker, bonnetmaker, some saddlers, some drapers and a watchmaker - but they all seemed to remain around the East Retford area.


A few years later, in 1805 in nearby Darlton, a Samuel Appleby married Mary Calvert.  Their family were born in Egmanton, Nottinghamshire - and though one branch moved to Doncaster, most of the others remained in the area around Egmanton and Newark.  One member of this line, Dr Frederick Henry Appleby (1843-1918) was Mayor of Newark and  was a distinguished Surgeon in the Royal Engineers. (see his entry on our Military Resources page)


We have not been able to tie these two lines together, but perhaps someone reading this can help provide more information?  The two trees are shown below, and if there are any male living Applebys descended from these lines - perhaps you could volunteer to participate in our DNA study so that we can discover whether or not lines are in fact connected?


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East Retford Appleby family chart

click here to view the Appleby/Calvert family chart


Appleby Ann 1783-1789

Appleby Ann 1789-

Appleby Arthur 1872-1911

Appleby Arthur Reginald 1894-1967

Appleby Frances 1849-

Appleby Francis 1867-1924

Appleby Francis William 1898-1980

Appleby Frederick 1863-1880

Appleby Frederick 1865-1911

Appleby Frederick Allen 1902-

Appleby Frederick George 1896-

Appleby George 1861-1911

Appleby Hannah Ann 1808-

Appleby Harold Leslie 1895-

Appleby Henry 1819-1881

Appleby Henry Whyley 1874-1911

Appleby Joseph 1863-1887

Appleby Mary 1889-

Appleby Mary Ann 1819-

Appleby Mary Ann 1870-

Appleby Olive 1899-

Appleby Robert

Appleby Robert 1782-1785

Appleby Robert 1785-1861

Appleby Robert R G 1916-

Appleby Robert Whyley 1885-1957

Appleby Sarah Ethel 1875-

Appleby Susannah 1844-

Appleby Sybil Mary 1886-

Appleby Thomas 1779-1862

Appleby Thomas 1813-1814

Appleby Veronica Ann 1899-

Appleby William -1841

Appleby William 1833-

Appleby William Colton 1810-1886

Appleby William Geoffrey 1907-

Appleby William Robert 1858-1911

Brown Letitia 1868-1959

Butler Ann

Cam Edward 1870-

Cam Herbert Joe 1847-1894

Clark Ada Adeline 1856-

Clark Charlotte 1841-

Clark Edward 1817-

Clark Edward Wiliam 1854-

Clark Isabella A 1843-

Clark Mary Anna 1849-

Clark Mary Lavinia 1847-

Cocking Mary 1780-1854

Hopkinson William

Jackson Richard

Jackson Sarah 1791-1861

Lloyd Julia Veronica 1857-1911

Robinson Ann -1829

Rose Annie 1860-1911

Taylor Mary 1884-1911

Trueman Frances 1822-1891

White Ada Eliza 1870-

Whyley Mary Ann 1836-1911


Appleby Ann 1816-

Appleby Ann Elizabeth 1836-

Appleby Annie Calvert 1909-

Appleby Beatrice Lillian 1898-

Appleby Calvert 1849-1895

Appleby Charles 1844-

Appleby Charles Lancelot 1876-

Appleby Charles Stephen 1901-

Appleby Elizabeth 1814-1814

Appleby Elizabeth 1820-

Appleby Elizabeth 1839-

Appleby Elizabeth Ann 1838-

Appleby Elizabeth M 1881-

Appleby Ernest W 1862-

Appleby Ethel M C 1879-1911

Appleby Florence Jane 1840-

Appleby Frederick 1875-1891

Appleby Frederick H 1815-1896

Appleby Frederick Henry 1843-1918

Appleby Frederick Robert Glossop 1884-

Appleby Frederick W 1842-1911

Appleby Grace Marguerite 1889-1911

Appleby Henry Calvert 1858-1904

Appleby Herbert Calvert 1878-

Appleby Herbert G 1866-

Appleby Horace Calvert 1894-

Appleby Laura E 1861-

Appleby Louis Charles Bishop 1879-1953

Appleby Mary 1810-

Appleby Mary Ann 1831-

Appleby Mary Ann 1845-

Appleby Maud M 1881-

Appleby Robert Calvert 1832-1893

Appleby Robert Colquhoun 1870-

Appleby Samuel

Appleby Samuel 1806-

Appleby Samuel 1834-1851

Appleby Samuel Frederick 1871-

Appleby Samuel Joseph 1836-

Appleby Sarah 1832-

Appleby Walter H 1861-

Appleby William 1834-1835

Appleby William Calvert 1807-

Appleby William Calvert 1847-1881

Appleby William Crowther 1872-

Bishop Elizabeth Ridge 1843-

Briggs Jane 1810-

Calvert Mary

Costello Mary 1878-

Dennett Elizabeth 1815-1879

Glossop Elizabeth 1855-1911

Hudson Hettie 1883-

Newson Laura Agnes 1867-

Ratcliffe Judith Elizabeth 1841-1911

Shepard Henry

Walkington Elizabeth 1831-