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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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the Cowton Applebys of Sheffield

John Appleby, born in Beverley, Yorkshire, married Mary Cowton at Scarborough in 1799.  Their children were born in Scarborough but their son Cowton Appleby raised his family in Derbyshire and from there most of their descendants moved to Sheffield.


In 1864 tragedy struck in the shape of the Sheffield Flood - which took the lives of nearly 250 people,  including three members of the Appleby family ...




















The following extract is taken from the excellent website about the Sheffield Flood -


"John Cowton Appleby, a widower of thirty-six, also a prospering grocer in the district [of Hillsborough], lost not only his stock but also  his life.  Appleby, together with his sixty-three year old mother Mary, and her granddaughter of the same name, fought vainly to get out of their crumbly home.  Mrs Appleby's body was recovered from the river in Rotherham."


On March 11th 1864 - shortly before midnight - the newly built Dale Dyke Dam - situated in the Bradfield hills just outside Sheffield - collapsed. A colossal mountain of water thundered down the Loxley valley and on to Sheffield wreaking death and destruction on a horrific scale. The greatest devastation took place in the Malin Bridge, Hillsborough, and Owlerton areas. Excepting wars, this is now acknowledged as one of the biggest man-made disasters in British history, and has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.


The Flood killed 238 people living in Sheffield and the hamlets in the valley below the Dale Dyke Dam.  According to Wikipedia, 130 buildings were destroyed and 500 partially damaged, 15 bridges were swept away and six others badly damaged. If you suspect some of your own ancestors may have been involved, visit the excellent Sheffield Flood Claims website which lists all the insurance claims made as a result of the disaster.  


Some researchers have merged this line with the Scarborough Appleby line which is headed (so far) by Wm. Appleby 1754 & Mary Godfrey, we think this to be incorrect after much researching by our own team (one of whom is a descendent of this line) but maybe you can provide the evidence to link the two lines?


If YOU are descended from this line and can add any further information, please do get in touch using the Contact Form on the left.  Also, if you know of any living male Appleby descendants from this line, we would be very interested to discuss the possibility of participation in our yDNA project!


an artist's impression of the bursting of the Dale Dyke Dam, which occurred just before midnight on 11th March 1864

Appleby Alfred Starkey 1898-1914

Appleby Ann 1827-

Appleby Annie Maria 1861-

Appleby Arthur 1870-1929

Appleby Arthur Cowton 1896-1966

Appleby Beatrice 1887-

Appleby Charles 1834-1852

Appleby Charles 1863-1925

Appleby Charles Earnest 1888-

Appleby Charles Stephen 1892-1915

Appleby Charles William 1862-

Appleby Constance 1899-

Appleby Cowton 1802-1853

Appleby Cowton 1836-1903

Appleby Doris 1898-

Appleby Dorothy 1894-

Appleby Dorothy Grace 1890-

Appleby Dorothy May 1900-

Appleby Edith 1878-

Appleby Edith 1908-

Appleby Edith Mabel 1894-

Appleby Eliza A 1860-

Appleby Eliza Christiana 1826-

Appleby Ernest 1868-1923

Appleby Florence 1885-

Appleby Frederick William 1889-

Appleby George 1862-

Appleby George 1885-

Appleby George H 1894-

Appleby Harold 1898-

Appleby Herbert 1866-1949

Appleby Herbert Norman 1900-1973

Appleby Hilda May 1897-

Appleby Jane 1858-

Appleby John 1776-1833

Appleby John 1807-1869

Appleby John Cowton 1833-1864

Appleby John Cowton 1864-

Appleby John Emest 1892-

Appleby Margery 1906-

Appleby Marianne 1901-

Appleby Marion 1906-

Appleby Martha 1830-1856

Appleby Mary 1851-1864

Appleby Mary 1873-

Appleby Mary Agnes 1864-1867

Appleby Mary Winifred 1896-

Appleby Muriel Elizbth 1903-

Appleby Nellie 1897-

Appleby Reginald 1905-

Appleby Sarah Ethel 1891-

Appleby Stephen Cowton 1825-1868

Appleby Stephen Cowton 1868-1939

Appleby William 1804-

Appleby William 1836-1858

Appleby William Cowton 1860-1900

Appleby William Cowton 1888-1954

Appleby William Cowton 1800-1804

Barr Dorothy 1832-1877

Barratt Jane 1846-

Bingham Edith Dora 1909-1985

Bingham John Henry 1880-

Burnell William Anthony 1877-

Clayton Mary Jane 1861-

Cowton Mary 1778-

Dungworth Sarah Ann 1839-1890

Hodgkinson Jane 1870-

Kinsey Elizabeth 1825-1851

Marshall Mary 1801-1864

Marvel Mary Emma 1872-1953

Newton Ellen 1836-1863

Rogers Minnie 1866-

Smith Harriet 1871-

Spain Sarah Eliza 1858-

Starkey Mary 1868-

Swift Ann E. 1860-

Swift Charles

Wilkinson Mary Rose 1864-