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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Henry Appleby of Barningham

An Appleby Family Tree from  the Tees Valley to Tyneside


This branch of the Appleby family tree charts progress from the village of Eppleby to Barningham, Barnard Castle, Manfield, and thence to Tyneside.


From the 16th century to 1800 they were weavers, farmers and parish clerks, then on reaching

Copy of Tyneside map Copy of Tees Valley migration Copy of Quayside Newcastle

Tyneside in 1830, they became business people who joined the industrial revolution. On this long journey they would have brushed shoulders with other Applebys in many Teesdale villages who sometimes unknowingly shared common ancestors.

click on the thumbnails to view diagrams describing the migration of this family from the Tees Valley to Tyneside.  These are reproduced from George Appleby's excellent book .... see below

Review from The Northumbrian (Issue 117):

THE APPLEBY FAMILY HISTORY- from Vikings to the Modern Day, by George Appleby. Published by Appin Press. £14.95. Softback.

A growing number of people are now delving into their family history as a serious hobby and this personal family history, fully illustrated with original maps, old photographs and documents, could certainly be used as a model and guide to others on how to present the results of such research.

George Appleby has traced his family history back to the 1560s with beginnings in Eppleby, a North Yorkshire village established by Danish Vikings. It describes a route which most families have followed, from agricultural beginnings to the seeking of industrial and commercial opportunities found on Tyneside during the last 200 years.

Original information from church records, wills, census reports, medieval documents in the National Archive, account books, even a bill of sale for land in 1687, culminated in the author identifying 1100 individuals, 250 marriages and 200 surnames.

William Appleby, a butcher, moved from Manfield in North Yorkshire to Tyneside in the 1830s, married and set up home in Castle Garth, Newcastle, and established a grease manufacturing business supplying collieries, shipbuilding and other industries. On his death in 1872, his family pursued a variety of business enterprises and by 1901 William’s son, Richard, was a fish dealer and bought a fish and chip shop in Gosforth Street, Newcastle, in partnership with his son, Joe.

The photograph was taken in 1902 during an engineering strike when they gave the strikers’ children free fish and chips. In 1911, Joe bought a store at North Shields Fish Quay, became a wholesaler, prospered and donated a new clubhouse to North Shields FC who renamed their ground, Appleby Park.


You can order a copy of George's book from his own Appleby Family website, which offers a secure online payment facility.  The book also includes many photographs and images of original documents, and is worth every penny!

This family line has just had another branch connected to it, and the chart is now too large to display in one piece, so it has been divided into three sections:

  • CHART ONE - showing descendants of Henry Appleby born in around 1560

  • CHART TWO - descendants of Thomas Appleby and Grace Luds (including the newly added branch)

  • CHART THREE - descendants of Richard Appleby and Elizabeth Bowes

tree chart for website

Appleby Agnes Mary 1873-

Appleby Alithea Mary 1827-

Appleby Amy Louisa 1872-1872

Appleby Ann 1608-

Appleby Ann 1687-

Appleby Ann 1766-1787

Appleby Ann 1804-

Appleby Anthony 1618-

Appleby Arthur Bellyse 1861-

Appleby Betris 1621-

Appleby Charles 1845-

Appleby Charles 1791-

Appleby Charles Frederick 1903-

Appleby Charles James 1828-

Appleby Charles Tallis 1860-

Appleby Charlotte 1794-

Appleby Christian 1648-

Appleby Christian 1653-

Appleby Christiana

Appleby Cuthbert 1684-

Appleby Daniel Percival

Appleby Edith Alathea 1867-1873

Appleby Edmund Gardner 1866-

Appleby Edwin 1803-

Appleby Eleanor 1869-

Appleby Eliza

Appleby Eliza 1805-1805

Appleby Elizabeth

Appleby Elizabeth 1613-

Appleby Elizabeth 1694-

Appleby Elizabeth 1721-

Appleby Elizabeth 1723-

Appleby Elizabeth 1759-

Appleby Elizabeth 1794-

Appleby Elizabeth 1823-

Appleby Elizabeth 1851-

Appleby Emily Ann 1829-

Appleby Emily Ernestine 1897-

Appleby Eric Percy 1900-

Appleby Ernest Edward 1864-1896

Appleby Eveleen M 1897-

Appleby Florence Mary 1863-

Appleby Francis 1584-

Appleby Francis 1680-

Appleby Francis 1727-1772

Appleby Francis 1756-1767

Appleby Francis J 1861-

Appleby Francis Rookby 1790-1882

Appleby Geoffrey Edmund 1895-1989

Appleby George 1890-1920

Appleby George 1580-

Appleby George C 1895-

Appleby Gertrude Evelyn 1874-

Appleby Grace 1731-

Appleby Grace 1768-

Appleby Hannah

Appleby Harriet 1871-

Appleby Henry 1597-1673

Appleby Henry 1643-

Appleby Henry 1665-

Appleby Henry 1676-1711

Appleby Henry 1719-1743

Appleby Henry 1737-

Appleby Henry 1765-1765

Appleby Henry 1560-

Appleby Isabel 1610-

Appleby Isabel 1686-1687

Appleby Isabel 1688-

Appleby Isabella 1853-1930

Appleby Isabella 1881-

Appleby James 1800-

Appleby James Thompson 1812-1865

Appleby Jane

Appleby Jane 1616-

Appleby Jane 1724-

Appleby Jane 1759-1769

Appleby Jane 1765-

Appleby Jane 1798-

Appleby Jane 1796-Bef 1801

Appleby Jane 1801-

Appleby John

Appleby John 1656-

Appleby John 1733-

Appleby John 1787-

Appleby John 1799-

Appleby John Hill 1905-

Appleby John Richard 1873-1944

Appleby John Thomas 1831-1831

Appleby Joseph 1829-

Appleby Joseph Blaylock 1877-1938

Appleby Kathleen 1892-

Appleby Leonard Hodgson 1871-

Appleby Mabel 1686-

Appleby Margaret Hannah 1831-

Appleby Marianne 1792-

Appleby Marie 1581-

Appleby Martha 1780-

Appleby Martha 1855-

Appleby Mary 1678-

Appleby Mary 1762-

Appleby Mary Ann 1850-

Appleby Mary Elizabeth 1861-

Appleby Mary Jane 1866-

Appleby Matthew 1726-

Appleby Mildred 1771-1772

Appleby Percy 1886-

Appleby Percy Vavasieur 1864-

Appleby Phillis 1692-

Appleby Ralph 1659-1733

Appleby Ralph 1720-1799

Appleby Ralph 1756-1756

Appleby Reginald Rokeby 1859-

Appleby Richard 1662-

Appleby Richard 1696-1742

Appleby Richard 1723-

Appleby Richard 1754-1820

Appleby Richard 1757-1758

Appleby Richard 1785-1840

Appleby Richard 1847-1916

Appleby Richard W 1884-

Appleby Richard Wilkinson 1820-Bef 1826

Appleby Richard Wilkinson 1826-1867

Appleby Robert 1634-

Appleby Rookby 1831-

Appleby Sarah 1811-

Appleby Steven 1681-


Appleby Thomas 1622-After 1700

Appleby Thomas 1650-1735

Appleby Thomas 1684-1699

Appleby Thomas 1691-1759

Appleby Thomas 1725-1776

Appleby Thomas 1728-

Appleby Thomas 1816-

Appleby Thomas 1851-

Appleby Thomas 1858-

Appleby Thomas 1879-

Appleby Thomas 1898-

Appleby Thomas 1757-1815

Appleby Thomas 1798-

Appleby Thomas Hodgson 1826-

Appleby William 1729-1804

Appleby William 1754-

Appleby William 1778-1854

Appleby William 1812-1872

Appleby William 1842-

Appleby William 1891-

Barker Ellen 1846-

Bellyse Martha Matilda 1832-

Blaylock Margaret 1851-1922

Bowbanke Jane

Bowes Elizabeth 1701-1778

Clarkson Robert

Dent Elizabeth -1732


Freer Thomas

Fryer Henry

GRAHAME Maude Gordon 1869-

Hall Mary

Hardy Jane -1698

Hird Phillis -1700

Hodgson Emma 1806-1888

Holme Christian -1669

Howlings Elizabeth -1694

Jane 1827-

Longden Henry 1804-1878

Lonsdale Martha 1734-1803

Luds Grace -1781

Owen Emily 1853-

Pallister Mary Ann 1823-

Percival Christiana 1793-

Pott Anne -Bef 1851

Rhind Thomas

Riordan Ellen 1867-

Robinson Harriet 1833-1870

Rokeby Anne 1699-

Rooksby Ann -1771

Swainston John 1766-

Swainston Joseph 1828-

Tallis Lucinda 1838-1879

Taylor Anne -1793

Todd Michael

Todd Nicholas

Tozer Kate 1863-


Wilde Alathea 1767-After 1815

Wilkinson Elizabeth 1758-

Williams Constance Marie N de C 1871-1909

Witton Elizabeth 1580-

Wright Elizabeth 1789-