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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Hezekiah Appleby

Hezekiah Appleby was born in 1798 in Georgia and is believed to have been a grandson of William Appleby of Pennsylvania and his wife Elizabeth - his mother being Jane Appleby (born 1780 in Cumberland, PA), who subsequently married  Ezekial Little, though Hezekiah went by the surname Appleby.


You can view further information about Hezekiah and his descendants on Dee Appleby's Appleby Heritage Association website (this is a Rootsweb site and is currently not working) but it still seems possible to access this article from

sheep herding image 1

Sheep herding in Arizona - illustration that accompanied the article mentioned on the left

their Newsletter about one branch of this family, who made the journey from Oklahoma to Arizona.


The murals below were found in the cellar of a house in Chandler, Arizona, and were painted by Barney W Appleby (1908-1971) who is mentioned in the Newsletter article above.  They seem to depict life during the annual sheep-herding which is described in great detail in this article about sheep herding which appeared in a local Chandler newspaper in 2010.  Interestingly, the Dobson family mentioned in the article are related to the Applebys of Chandler and there is still an Appleby Road in Chandler today though I don't know if any members of the family still live there!

Mural one small Mural two small Mural five small Mural four small

Appleby, Ad1857-

Appleby, Adison Martin1857-1943

Appleby, Albert Andrew1874-1957

Appleby, Albert Lassiter1856-1857

Appleby, Alta Nola1897-1999

Appleby, Andrew Thomas1829-1875

Appleby, Annis Elvira1862-1948

Appleby, Barney Lee Leo1891-1978

Appleby, Barney W1908-1971

Appleby, Bertha Ann1871-1956

Appleby, Bettie C1875-

Appleby, Charles M1865-1933

Appleby, Clarence1888-1935

Appleby, Clarence N1901-1904

Appleby, Albert Andrew1874-1958

Appleby, Es1855-

Appleby, Felix1866-

Appleby, George1869-1948

Appleby, George Bradford1896-1991

Appleby, George Lee1872-1970

Appleby, Gertrude1876-

Appleby, Hattie Margaret1870-1917

Appleby, Henry Mason1872-1932

Appleby, Hezekiah1798-1863

Appleby, Ida Mae1867-1948

Appleby, James Barnett1834-1923

Appleby, James Newton1856-1924

Appleby, James O1908-1927

Appleby, James Thomas1870-1953

Appleby, Jennie D1861-1947

Appleby, Jimmie Vashti1887-1965

Appleby, John Tate1826-1908


Appleby, Joseph1859-1863

Appleby, Joseph C1863-

Appleby, Joseph N1824-

Appleby, Joseph Walter1887-1950

Appleby, Josie May1882-

Appleby, Kate May1885-1974

Appleby, Margaret Elizabeth1831-1883

Appleby, Margaret Elizabeth1836-1839

Appleby, Margaret Jane1859-1955

Appleby, Mary Ann1836-1839

Appleby, Mary Ann Minerva1831-1883

Appleby, Mary Elizabeth1861-1911

Appleby, Mary Lou1906-1977

Appleby, Minerva Ruth1866-1902

Appleby, Nettie Ophelia1889-1962

Appleby, Orbin W1888-

Appleby, Pauline Elizabeth-1997

Appleby, Rollie C1894-1968

Appleby, Sadie L1862-

Appleby, Susan Jane1820-1900

Appleby, Walter E1857-1891

Appleby, William Wid Hezekiah1860-1950

Bowman, Eugene Frank1861-1930

Cook, Anna Viola1866-1943

Crawford, Eliza Jane1837-1911

Herron, Margaret1793-1865

Keifer, Susan Jane1838-1911

Motsenbocker, Sarah Sadie Lenier1861-1945

Newblock, Caroline Carrie Mary1864-

Newblock, Emilie Emma


Stanfield, Almira Elmyra1836-1924

Strickland, Suzanna Vashti1868-1891

Woods, Martha E1822-1886

Because this line is headed by a female Appleby, we cannot make use of yDNA testing to compare results against the line of William of Pennsylvania - however, we do already have one set of Family Finder autosomal DNA results for a descendant of this line ... if anyone else is thinking of taking a Family Finder test with Family Tree DNA, do please make sure that you join our Appleby DNA Group project (click on the DNA link above left to join) so that we can confirm the accuracy of Hezekiah's family tree.  


However, we have just received the yDNA results of a direct male descendant of Hezekiah ... as expected, there is no possible connection to the yDNA results of Hezekiah's grandfather William Appleby's descendants.  BUT there are close connections to members of the BURNETT and EAVES DNA studies - and there is a possibility that Hezekiah's father was Jesse BURNETT (this could explain Hezekiah's son's name of James Burdett Appleby!)  The connection is being explored by the administrator of the EAVES/BURNETT projects.  Watch this space!!


Note:  It has been pointed out that there are several inconsistencies in the attached chart - I am currently trying to put them right, but if you have any corrections I would be hugely grateful if you could send me the relevant sources.

click on the image on the left to view a larger picture of the shepherd and his sheep