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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

John Appleby, stonemason of Acklington

According to census data, John Appleby was born in Acklington in around 1790 - he was a stonemason journeyman.  However his sons and grandsons were brick and tile manufacturers - moving around various Northumberland Tileries, including Belsay, Ellington, Ogle, Black Heddon, Wingate and Bothal Park.


This line is almost certainly linked to that of the

belsay tilery b

view the family tree chart for John Appleby and Margaret Dawson

?Dixon Mary Ann 1858-1901

Appelby Elizabeth 1883-

Appleby Adam 1859-1861

Appleby Agnes 1923-1988

Appleby Annie 1897-

Appleby Annie Aitchinson 1908-2000

Appleby Betsy Lena 1886-

Appleby Catherine Alice 1886-

Appleby Dorothy M 1915-

Appleby Edna 1917-1964

Appleby Edward 1828-1829

Appleby Edward 1871-1891

Appleby Edward 1897-

Appleby Edward John 1832-1891

Appleby Eleanor 1892-

Appleby Ellenor 1860-

Appleby Frances Alice 1864-

Appleby Frances Alice 1885-

Appleby Hannah Edith 1873-1954

Appleby Hannah Watson 1852-

Appleby Isabella 1826-1893

Appleby Isabella 1880-

Appleby Isabella 1868-

Appleby James 1890-

Appleby Jane Ann 1866-

Appleby Jemima 1888-

Appleby John 1850-1851

Appleby John 1877-1911

Appleby John 1907-

Appleby John 1786-1854

Appleby John 1855-1897

Appleby John 1876-1911

Appleby John Dixon 1890-

Appleby John Thomas 1880-1911

Appleby John William 1910-

Appleby Joseph 1837-1908

Appleby Joseph 1881-1891

Appleby Joseph 1888-1901

Appleby Kate 1885-

Appleby Lizzy Jane 1878-

Appleby Margaret 1871-1871

Appleby Margaret 1858-1871

Appleby Margaret 1875-1908

Appleby Margaret A 1868-

Appleby Margaret Dawson 1824-

Appleby Margaret Elliot 1877-1892

Appleby Margaret Norah 1903-1985

Appleby Mary 1871-

Appleby Mary 1882-

Appleby Mary Ann 1868-

Appleby Mary Jane 1863-

Appleby Meggie 1902-

Appleby Ralph Watson 1910-

Appleby Ralph Watson 1848-1911

Appleby Richard 1879-

Appleby Richard Robinson 1917-1973

Appleby Robert 1834-1834

Appleby Robert 1835-1899

Appleby Robert 1887-1952

Appleby Robert 1902-1994

Appleby Robert 1869-

Appleby Robert George 1895-

Appleby Roy Charlton 1924-2012

Appleby Sarah 1884-

Appleby Thomas 1822-1851

Appleby Thomasine Anne 1879-

Appleby Walter 1920-1997

Appleby William 1829-1840

Appleby William 1873-

Appleby William 1886-

Appleby William 1890-

Boyd Dorothy 1875-1901

Charlton Frances

Charlton Mary Ellen 1885-1920

Crozier Catherine 1847-

Dawson Margaret 1794-1839

Dixon Ann 1838-1918

Douglas Stanley 1907-

Elliot Isabella 1854-1911

Emmerson Agnes Percy 1905-1986

Hogg Jane 1841-1873

Lawson Alexander 1868-

MacLean Alice 1832-1909

Marshall Robert William

Ormston James Jones 1907-1990

Robson Agnes 1880-1947

Robson George 1869-

Rutherford William 1826-

Stephenson Robert 1819-

Stobbs Dorothy 1880-

Watson Jemima 1830-


These images of the Belsay Tile Works were reproduced with permission of the SINE Project at Newcastle University.  Please click on the link to read more about this well-preserved group of traditional tile kilns

Acklington Applebys, but we need to access more parish records to establish where the connection might lie.


I am grateful to Janine and John for providing information about this line.

We have some yDNA tests for this line - and I am pleased to report that they are an excellent match to an Appleby descendant from the main Acklington line, so it is looking as if all the Acklington lines share a common ancestor.

belsay tilery a