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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys of Kingsdon, Somerset

Emanuel Appleby and Love Ludwell married in 1785 in Kingsdon, Somerset. Emanuel was a baker.  We only know of two children of this marriage: William born in 1786 and John born in 1796.  


Both Emanuel and Love died when their son John was an infant, and as a result John was brought up in Lovington, perhaps by relatives?  Emanuel's elder son William was also a baker.


We know that William's son William Walton Appleby, and two of his sisters and their families, emigrated to Tasmania in the mid-1800s.



Name index for descendants of Emanuel and Love Appleby

Appleby Robert William

Appleby Samuel (Abt 1857- )

Appleby Samuel George (Abt 1903- )

Appleby Sarah (Abt 1851- )

Appleby Sarah Jane (1845-1853)

Appleby Sarah Jane (Abt 1812-1885)

Appleby Sarah May (1875-1926)

Appleby Silvi Mabel (1888-1960)

Appleby Thomas ( -1853)

Appleby William (Abt 1786-1849)

Appleby William Henry (1847-1917)

Appleby William Robert (1882-1964)

Appleby William Walton ( -1916)

Appleby William Walton (1814-1884)

Appleby William Walton (1917- )

Appleby William Walton (Abt 1846- )

Appleby Winifred G (Abt 1892- )

Ashdown Clarence Albert (1874-1917)

Ashdown Edwin (1865-1901)

Bailey Robert (1879-1951)

Bishop Phyllis (1896-1928)

Chant Elizabeth

Floyd Elsie May

French Maurice Samuel (1867-1923)

Hanney Elizabeth (1881-1966)

Heyes James (Abt 1824-1904)

Houstein Camelia (1884-1969)


Knight Elizabeth (Abt 1829- )

Lane Mercy Anne (Abt 1866- )

Lee George (1862-1932)

Lee Harold John (1869-1933)

Lovell Jane ( -Bef 1891)

Lovell Rosa (Abt 1871- )

Ludwell Love (1765-1796)

Martin Henry (Abt 1811-1899)

Newson James

Pickett Walter Richard (1859-1928)

Quill John Peter (1884-1962)

Reid Ethel

Richardson William

Sankey Agnes ( -1956)

Shea Edith

Smith Dorrie (1905-1972)

Smith John (1863-1929)

Swan Amelia ( -1880)

Swan Elizabeth

Swan Sarah Ann ( -1922)

Sweet Mary (1819-1908)

Thomas Martha (Abt 1824-1892)

Travis Isabella (Abt 1825-1869)

Turnbull Geraldine (1883-1908)

Walker Eleanor (1846-1906)

Walton Elizabeth (1788-1852)

Wheat Walter (1862-1947)

Williams Daisy (1883-1974)

Williams Philip (1885-1970)

Wyatt Jane (Abt 1854- )



Appleby Alfred (Abt 1853-1855)

Appleby Alfred (Abt 1864-1875)

Appleby Alfred (Abt 1880- )

Appleby Alma Rachel (1865-1935)

Appleby Ann (Abt 1816- )

Appleby Ann (Abt 1825- )

Appleby Anne (Abt 1845- )

Appleby Archibald Raymond John (Abt 1896- )

Appleby Caroline Mary (Abt 1846- )

Appleby Charles (Abt 1823-1897)

Appleby Charles (Abt 1854- )

Appleby Charles Spurgeon (Abt 1889- )

Appleby Daisy

Appleby Dulce Victoria Beatrice (1891-1932)

Appleby Elizabeth (1854- )

Appleby Elizabeth (Abt 1835- )

Appleby Elizabeth (Abt 1850- )

Appleby Elizabeth Ann (Abt 1813- )

Appleby Elizabeth Ann (Abt 1844-1853)

Appleby Elizabeth Ellen (1869-1928)

Appleby Elsie Mary (Abt 1882- )

Appleby Emanuel (1760-1797)

Appleby Emma

Appleby Ethel Maud (1878- )

Appleby Florence Mary Gould (1880-1975)

Appleby Frances Isabella (Abt 1904- )

Appleby George (Abt 1827- )

Appleby George (Abt 1848-Bef 1849)

Appleby George (Abt 1849- )

Appleby George (Abt 1857- )

Appleby George (Abt 1862- )

Appleby George (Abt 1880- )

Appleby Grace Sophia (1873-1898)

Appleby Henry George (1876-1962)

Appleby Hubert Thomas Claude (1886-1952)

Appleby Jane Ann Johanna (1868-1943)

Appleby John (1796-1858)

Appleby John (Abt 1817- )

Appleby John (Abt 1855- )

Appleby John (Abt 1859- )

Appleby John Emanuel Swan ( -1957)

Appleby John Walton (After 1853- )

Appleby Kenneth James

Appleby Lavinia (Abt 1887- )

Appleby Leonard Vincent John (1884-1951)

Appleby Male

Appleby Marianne May (Abt 1908- )

Appleby Mary Alice (Abt 1848-1853)

Appleby Mary Gould (1820-1880)

Appleby Mary Jane (Abt 1848- )

Appleby Mary Sarah Elizabeth ( -1935)

Appleby Maud (Abt 1882- )

Appleby Rhoda Mary (1870-1938)

Appleby Richard (After 1853-1938)

Appleby Richard George Vincent ( -1917)

Appleby Richard John

Appleby Robert Gould (Abt 1823- )

Appleby Robert Samuel (After 1853-1929)






Kingsdon church (source Wikipedia)

family of William and Eleanor

The family of William Walton Appleby and his wife Eleanor (Walker)

We have recently expanded this tree to include descendants of William's younger brother John Appleby and his wife Elizabeth.  It seems very likely that there are living descendants of this branch, so if you recognise your grandparents on the family tree, I would be pleased to hear from you.


Further study of Appleby/bees in Somerset is also indicating that there could be more branches to this tree, linked to William and Johns father Emanuel.  More Somerset trees will be added to the website very soon.


Anyone who is connected to this line of APPLEBYs and lives in Tasmania, should definitely take a look at this website where you may well find out more about your family history.

Descendants of Emanuel Appleby and Love Ludwell

We have a set of DNA test results from the Australian branch of this line, and it would be good to learn if any members of this line remained in the UK so that we could try to find a living Appleby to take a DNA test to compare with our Australian volunteer.