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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Nathaniel Appleby of Langenhoe

Starting with a tree for Moses Appleby, born in 1782 in Langenhoe, and with the help of Miriam who is descended from Josiah Appleby one of Moses Appleby's great grandsons, I have managed to trace this family back to Nathaniel Appleby, who was a shopkeeper in Langenhoe until his death in 1830.  Nathaniel was born around 1759 and married to Lucy - they had twelve children, all baptised in Langenhoe. After Lucy's death, Nathaniel married Ann Gilby, with whom he had a further three children.  Nathaniel's Will revealed that I had made some crucial errors in my first draft of this family tree! - these have now been corrected.


I have also received information from Peter, who is descended from Nathaniel, a younger brother of Moses Appleby.  Peter also kindly provided the photos of his great grandparents, Nathaniel (1839-1904) and his wife Rosina May seen below.

This family seems to have remained clustered around Langenhoe, Fingringhoe and Abberton for several generations.  However, during the 1870s, several of Nathaniel's great great

grandsons moved in to the Eastern fringes of London and settled in West Ham, Canning Town and Forest Gate.  


It is likely that there are a number of descendants of this line still living today.  If you belong to this family, I should be delighted to hear about your more recent family history - especially if you can provide any family photographs or stories to include on this website.


Our DNA Testing Programme has recently established that this line is connected with one of the nearby Layer de la Haye lines (and in fact, David Appleby married Mary Ann Baker  in 1881, who was a granddaughter of William and Hannah Appleby of Layer de la Haye),  and also to that of George Appleby of Ardleigh.


More testers for other Essex lines are very welcome - please contact me using the link to the Contact form above left, to discover if you qualify for a subsidised DNA test kit.

Image shows Langenhoe Church following damage after the 1884 earthquake. (Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights Reserved)


You can read more about the history of Langenhoe, and its place in the record books as the location of the strongest earthquake ever to hit England (in 1884) at the History House website.  There is also a report concerning the earthquake at the British Geological Survey website.

langenhoe church

click here to view a chart showing the family tree for Nathaniel Appleby

Nathaniel Rosina May

In the 1901 census, Nathaniel was a Farmer in Peldon, Essex.  By the time of the 1911 census, his widow Rosina was 'farmer and subpostmaster' in Peldon.


Appleby Aaron (1787- )

Appleby Aaron Gilby (Abt 1816- )

Appleby Ada Florence (1866-1956)

Appleby Alfred William (1907- )

Appleby Alice (1861- )

Appleby Alice Gertrude (Abt 1876- )

Appleby Amelia (1830- )

Appleby Amelia (Abt 1831- )

Appleby Ammy (Abt 1886- )

Appleby Amy Emily (1866- )

Appleby Amy Rosina (1870-1957)

Appleby Annie Louisa (Abt 1908- )

Appleby Arabella (1880- )

Appleby Arthur (Abt 1877- )

Appleby Arthur George (Abt 1903- )

Appleby Arthur Nathaniel (1868- )

Appleby Bertha (Abt 1854- )

Appleby Bertha (Abt 1900- )

Appleby Bertram John (Abt 1910- )

Appleby Blanche (Abt 1895- )

Appleby Charles Clifford (1885- )

Appleby Charles Nathaniel (1864- )

Appleby Daniel (1817-1844)

Appleby David (1859- )

Appleby David (Abt 1819-1854)

Appleby David (Abt 1842- )

Appleby David (Abt 1844- )

Appleby David Leonard (1879-1963)

Appleby David W (Abt 1894- )

Appleby Doris May (Abt 1904- )

Appleby Edna M (1920- )

Appleby Eliza J (Abt 1897- )

Appleby Elizabeth (1838- )

Appleby Elizabeth (Abt 1837- )

Appleby Elizabeth (Abt 1864- )

Appleby Ellen M (Abt 1846- )

Appleby Elsie Doris (Abt 1898- )

Appleby Emily S (Abt 1888- )

Appleby Emma (Abt 1844- )

Appleby Ernest (Abt 1904- )

Appleby Ernest Moses (Abt 1873- )

Appleby Esther Alice (Abt 1887- )

Appleby Ethel V (Abt 1899- )

Appleby Florence May (1882- )

Appleby Florrie (Abt 1906- )

Appleby Frank (Abt 1898- )

Appleby Gladys Marjorie (Abt 1905- )

Appleby Grace (Abt 1893- )

Appleby Grace (Abt 1894- )

Appleby Grace Sarah (1901- )

Appleby Henry (1783- )

Appleby Henry (1859-1880)

Appleby James (1802-1835)

Appleby James (1826-1881)

Appleby James (1850-1916)

Appleby Jessie Ann (Abt 1874- )

Appleby John (1786- )

Appleby John (1822- )

Appleby John D (Abt 1911- )

Appleby John Dunstan (Abt 1877-1957)

Appleby John H (Abt 1896- )

Appleby John Whitehouse (Abt 1888- )

Appleby Josiah (Abt 1854- )

Appleby Josiah (Abt 1881- )

Appleby Kathleen (Abt 1905- )

Appleby Leonard H (1914- )

Appleby Lewesa (1789- )

Appleby Lilian F (Abt 1892- )

Appleby Lucy (Bef 1780-1780)

Appleby Lucy (Bef 1786-1786)

Appleby Mabel H (Abt 1891- )

Appleby Mabel May (1882-1959)

Appleby Maggie (Abt 1885- )

Appleby Maria (Abt 1829- )

Appleby Marrion (Abt 1890- )

Appleby Maud Mary (1863-1916)

Appleby Mildred Marion (1868- )

Appleby Moses (1782-1846)

Appleby Moses (1871- )

Appleby Moses (Abt 1835-1915)

Appleby Nathaniel (1793-1794)

Appleby Nathaniel (1795-1829)

Appleby Nathaniel (Abt 1759-1830)

Appleby Nathaniel (Abt 1840-1904)

Appleby Nathaniel Gordon (Abt 1907- )

Appleby Norman (Abt 1909- )

Appleby Reginald Gordon (Abt 1899- )

Appleby Rose A (Abt 1889- )

Appleby Ruby Margaret (Abt 1902- )

Appleby Ruth (Abt 1908- )

Appleby Sarah Ada (Abt 1889-Bef 1911)

Appleby Sarah Ann (Abt 1879- )

Appleby Stephen (Abt 1908- )

Appleby Stephen Archibald (1874-1963)

Appleby Susanna (1836- )

Appleby Susannah (1792- )

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1902- )

Appleby Wilfred (Abt 1904- )

Appleby Wilfred James (Abt 1873-1952)

Appleby William (1856- )

Appleby William (Abt 1798-1858)

Appleby William (Abt 1831-After 1841)

Appleby William (John) (Abt 1869- )

Baker Mary Ann (1854- )

Brett William

Bull Alec George

Collins Susannah

Cook Elizabeth (Abt 1836-Bef 1908)

Curtis Rebekah (Abt 1781-1833)

Hewes Isabella Grace (1891-1956)

Hurrell Mary (nee Blow) (Abt 1781-After 1841)

Kirner Joseph

May Rosina (Abt 1843- )

Mitchell Agnes Maginniss (1876-1963)

Mottram Sarah Jane (Abt 1856- )

Mumford Louise (Abt 1877- )

Myerson Alice Gertrude

Norfolk Matty Ann

Ponder Eliza (1871-1919)

Ponder Florence Annie (1877-1959)

Ponder Harry Augustus (1882-1977)

Ponder Lilian Elizabeth E

Ponder Nelly (1878-1963)

Ponder Sarah (1828-1907)

Pudney Hannah (Abt 1821- )

Seleen Frederick

Smith Mary (1802-1830)

Spinks Elizabeth (Abt 1795-After 1851)

Talbot Albert William (1869-1958)

Talbot James (Abt 1860-1941)

Talbot John

Thompson Maria (Abt 1819- )

Whitlock Alfred (1880- )

Whitlock Ernest (1876- )