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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Norwegian Applebys

This line of APPLEBYs arrived in the USA from Norway in 1870, where they settled in Iowa, but the father, Christen Bringle Appleby, died in 1873.


Although we have managed to trace the family through the US Federal censuses from 1880 through to 1940, there is no sign of anyone with the surname APPLEBY in Norwegian records, so the family must have adopted this surname on arrival in the USA.


With help from fellow members of the Guild of One-name Studies, we have now located Christen and Anna's marriage in 1851 and  baptism records for some of their children.  

Norway map compressed

click to view a larger image of an 1882 map of Norway and Sweden (source by Henry C Carey and Isaac Lea.  Rennesoy is an island just to the north of Stavanger in the SW of Norway 

We have also found a family with parents and children of the right ages living in the parish of Torvastad at Haugesund seaport (just to the north of Stavanger) in the Norwegian 1865 census ...

  • Christen Brynildsen, 45, born Skjold Prj, Skibs Tommermand (ships carpenter)

  • Ane Knudsdatter, 35, born Rennesoy, his wife

  • Laurense Christendtr, 14, born Rennesoy, their daughter

  • Marte Christendtr, 10, born Haugesund, their daughter

  • Jette Christendtr, 8, born Haugesund, their daughter

  • Christian Christensen, 3, born Haugesund, their son

  • Bernhard Christensen, 1, born Haugesund, their son


but although their surname is NOT Appleby we now know that Christen came from a place called Apalvik, which translates neatly into Appleby in English.  The Norwegian naming system at that time used the father's given name followed by 'son' or 'daughter' for many records - and in fact in the marriage of Christen and Ana Malinda's daughter Martha in Iowa in 1888 gave her mother's name as Anna M Knudsen.  Christen and Anna's marriage in Rennesoy in 1851 gave their names as Anne Malena Knudsdtr  and Christen Brynjildsen, it seems that Bringle is a corruption of his father's name.


The image of the original marriage entry for Christen and Anna (from the wonderful Norwegian Digital Archives website) revealed that Christen's father was Brynild Erikson and Anna's parents were Knud Olsen and Gjertrud Knudsdatter

Appleby, Andrew Dale (1868-1956)

Appleby, Austin Dale (1891-1965)

Appleby, Charles Bringle (1865-1954)

Appleby, Christen Bringle (1821-1873)

Appleby, Christen Mark (1873-Bef 1940)

Appleby, Christian (Abt 1863-1937)

Appleby, Clara L (Abt 1899-1988)

Appleby, Clarence M (1903- )

Appleby, Clinton A (1907-1937)

Appleby, Delmar L (Abt 1913- )

Appleby, Ethel (Abt 1892- )

Appleby, George C (1917-1994)

Appleby, Gladys M (Abt 1901- )

Appleby, Glenon Dale (1902- )

Appleby, Harold (Abt 1916- )

Appleby, Isabel Pearl (Abt 1908- )

Appleby, Isla (Ida) D (Abt 1892- )

Appleby, Jettie (Abt 1859- )

Appleby, Lillia M (Abt 1897- )

Appleby, Louisa May (Abt 1891- )

Appleby, Lucy M (Abt 1895- )

Appleby, Lyle E (1912- )

Appleby, Martha A (1856-1913)

Appleby, Mary (1872-1873)

Appleby, Paul M (Abt 1910- )

Appleby, Reno Bernard (1890-1976)

Appleby, Robert C (Abt 1919- )

Appleby, Ruth F

Appleby, Stella (Abt 1894- )

Bailey, Irma C (1891-1974)

Baustian, Emma A (1870-1928)

Davis, Pearl Caroline (Abt 1885- )

Lange, Mary Amelia (1867-1952)

Larson, Agnes (Abt 1893- )

Larson, Anna (Abt 1890- )

Larson, Carl M (1894- )

Larson, Ebrehart (1846-1927)

Larson, Mamie (Abt 1892- )

Larson, Rebecca (Abt 1898- )

Oleson, Anna Malinda (1831-1900)

Pugh, Floyd R

Scoville, Mildred K (Abt 1915- )

Spratt, Elizabeth

Wilson, Thera A (1892-1985)


This image is from the very informative Norway Heritage website and shows a full-rigged sailing ship of the same type as the Undine on which Christen and his family sailed to Canada in 1870


The passenger list transcribed on the Norway Heritage site, shows the family sailing from Stavanger to Quebec in 1870 - by this time they had the five children shown in the census above plus Andrew (named Endre on the image).


We have also learned that the family became members of the  Norwegian Quakers in 1865, so they may already have been Dissenters, which may explain why we have not yet located baptisms of Marte, Jette or Christian in the Norwegian records.


If YOU belong to this line of Applebys, or if you can help with locating more Norwegian records for this family, do please get in touch!


DNA - We have a set of yDNA results from a male direct line descendant, which indicate that the most distant ancestor was probably Norwegian.