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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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William Barker Appleby, coach maker of Boston, Lincolnshire

The name 'William Barker Appleby' has been held by at least five members of this family: the first was born in Boston Lincolnshire in 1798 to William Appleby and Elizabeth Barker, subsequent holders have been born in Boston, Chelsea and New Zealand.  The first three Williams (in Boston and London) were coach builders and painters, as were other members of their families, and William Barker Appleby III, who had worked in the trade in London before emigrating to New Zealand with his young family in 1874, (later to be joined by his parents) also set up a coach building and blacksmith shop in Kurow.


Kevin has provided extensive details of his New Zealand line of Applebys, and it is probable that there are also descendants of this line still living in England ... do please contact us if you can add more information on other branches.

Hannah and Williams wedding William Barker Appleby III William Thomas Dudding - RugbyTeam

The marriage of William Barker Appleby IV and Hannah Williams in 1894 in Otago, NZ

Above: William and Hannah's son William Thomas Dudding Appleby (standing far right)

Right: this photo is known to be one of the William Barkers - probably William Barker Appleby IV

Click here to view the family tree for William Barker Appleby

Note: The earliest generations of this tree require further checking against parish records.  We welcome comments and corrections!

Appleby Richard Henry (1871-1934)

Appleby Robert (Abt 1784- )

Appleby Sarah (Abt 1828- )

Appleby Sophia Mary Adelaide (1895-1975)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1718-Bef 1731)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1731- )

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1768-Bef 1770)

Appleby Thomas (Abt 1770- )

Appleby Walter (1874- )

Appleby William

Appleby William (1799- )

Appleby William (Abt 1725-Bef 1729)

Appleby William (Abt 1729-Bef 1733)

Appleby William (Abt 1733- )

Appleby William (Abt 1774- )

Appleby William (Abt 1845- )

Appleby William Barker (1826-1900)

Appleby William Barker (1848-1918)

Appleby William Barker (1869-1914)

Appleby William Barker (Abt 1798-After 1861)

Appleby William Flowers (Abt 1778- )

Appleby William H (1878- )

Appleby William Thomas Dudding (1901-1972)

Applegate Caroline (Abt 1825-1878)

Arnall Elizabeth

Barbey Joseph Henry

Barker Elizabeth

Harrison Anne

Levers Sophy Margaret (1849-1915)

Mitchell James

Moore Mary ( -Bef 1770)

Payne Elizabeth Ann (Abt 1853-After 1911)

Phillips Elizabeth (1825-1881)

Phillips Ethel Martha

Scarby Elizabeth (Abt 1806-After 1861)

Shears Archibald Bennet Hosking

Swain Cecilia (Abt 1844-After 1911)

Thompson Mary

Williams Hannah (1874-1955)

Yerbergh Elizabeth



Appleby Alfred or Frederick (1843-Bef 1891)

Appleby Alfred Thomas (1868- )

Appleby Ann (Abt 1771-1773)

Appleby Ann (Abt 1781- )

Appleby Catherine (Elizabeth) Frances (1855- )

Appleby Catherine Frances (1834- )

Appleby Catherine or Caroline (1850- )

Appleby Cornelius (Abt 1769- )

Appleby Dorothy (Dossy) Frances Elizabeth (1897-Abt 1965)

Appleby Edward (Abt 1801-1802)

Appleby Elizabeth (1877- )

Appleby Florence (Abt 1871- )

Appleby Frances (Abt 1865- )

Appleby Frederick (1832- )

Appleby George (1836- )

Appleby George James (1879- )

Appleby Graeme Barker (1915- )

Appleby Hazel Winifred Lilian (1903-1903)

Appleby Henry (1827-Bef 1851)

Appleby Henry (Abt 1853-After 1911)

Appleby Henry Wm (1874- )

Appleby James (Abt 1776- )

Appleby James (Abt 1802- )

Appleby John (1867- )

Appleby John (Abt 1779- )

Appleby John Shepherd (Abt 1779- )

Appleby Joseph (Abt 1784- )

Appleby Joseph Charles (1849- )

Appleby Lily A (1884- )

Appleby Mary (Abt 1765-1766)

Appleby Mary (Abt 1766- )

Appleby Mary Ann (Abt 1801- )

Appleby Mary F (1880- )

Appleby Muriel Violette Alexandria (1902-1990)

Appleby Myrtle Evylyn Amelia (Abt 1900-1992)

Appleby Olive Victoria Guelph (1897- )

Appleby Raymond Levers Chaselands (1905-1982)

I have recently located transcripts of baptism, marriage and burial records for Boston, Lincolnshire (at which have thrown new light on some of the details in the top end of the tree for this line ... I hope to make some corrections in the next few weeks, after checking original images of these records.


I am fairly sure that there are also additional branches with living descendants, including the line of Applebys that moved from Boston to Rotherham in Yorkshire, see Applebys of Lincs and Rotherham. If you are a direct male descendant of either of these lines and would be prepared to take a yDNA test to help confirm these connections ... step forward!