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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys of Acklington and Morpeth, Northumberland & Illinois, USA

One of William's nephews was Thomas Appleby who was born around 1784 in Haystack Hill, near Warkworth - and in the 1851 census he was a farmer at Abbey Mills, Newminster Abbey.  His sons were also farmers and millers. We now know that he had two half brothers: John, also born in Haystack Hill in about 1795: in 1851 he was a farmer and miller at Heugh Mill, Bedlington; and William, born about 1792 in Warkworth, who was a joiner and innkeeper of the North Briton Inn in Felton in 1861. (this line is included in chart two)


I have tracked the descendants of these three down through the censuses - most remained in Northumberland, until the end of the 19th century.  But two of Thomas Appleby's grandsons - John and Robert Thompson Appleby, emigrated to America, where they settled in East Peoria in Illinois.

morpeth in 1910
downtown east peoria
Hazel Appleby

East Peoria, Illinois, USA

Morpeth, Northumberland, ENG

This is such a large line that I have broken the charts into sections:

CHART 1 - shows the descendants of Thomas of Acklington, b~1615

CHART 2 - shows the descendants of John Appleby (1731 - 1817) of Acklington High Park and his wife Mary - (this is a VERY wide chart, you will need to use your Adobe browser to enlarge it and then scroll across and down to view the whole branch)

CHART 3 - shows the descendants of Thomas Appleby (1734 - 1763) and his wife Jane Huntley

CHART 4 - shows the descendants of Robert Appleby (1736 - 1798) of Warkworth and his wife Isabel Potts

CHART 5 - shows the descendants of Thomas Appleby (~1723 - 1790) of Acklington and Sturton Grange and his wife Isabella (?Brown)

CHART 6 - shows the descendants of Thomas Appleby (bef 1733 - ?1813) of Sunderland and Causey Park

You can read more about the history of Acklington here (the Appleby pedigree is near the bottom of the page).  This site also provides old maps and photos of the area, together with some fascinating history.


A descendant of the Acklingtons, Brian, has sent in some photos of a watch he inherited which originally belonged to William Appleby of Acklington High Park (1774-1853) - it may have been engraved to celebrate William's 21st birthday:



Thanks to information provided by Ian, Duncan and James, the Morpeth line of Applebys has been hugely extended to include a whole Appleby dynasty originating in Acklington in Northumberland.

map showing Haystack Hill Small Web view

Much of the research into the earliest Applebys in this line is based on Hodgson's 'History of Northumberland' which includes a descendancy chart for John Appleby of Acklington, buried 1696.  The earliest Appleby found in Acklington manorial records is Thomas - born around 1615.  Many of the occupations of the early Applebys in this area were agricultural - with farmers and millers predominant (along with some innkeepers and a butcher or two).


Some of the Causey Park Applebys moved to the coast near Sunderland in Co Durham for a while, but returned to Northumberland within a couple of generations.


?Brown, Isabella ,Abt 1730-1787

?Brown, Margaret,

Anderson, Mary Jane ,Abt 1851-1880

Appleby, Ada ,Abt 1866-After 1911

Appleby, Albert Edward ,Abt 1881-

Appleby, Alfred ,1861-After 1911

Appleby, Alice Jane Towler ,Abt 1903-

Appleby, Alice Maud ,1894-1978

Appleby, Allan Lorenzy ,1906-

Appleby, Allan Lorenzy ,1906-

Appleby, Amelia ,Abt 1882-

Appleby, Ann ,Abt 1826-1857

Appleby, Ann ,Abt 1838-

Appleby, Ann ,Abt 1867-1947

Appleby, Ann ,Abt 1817-

Appleby, Ann Agnes ,1863-

Appleby, Anna ,1728-

Appleby, Anne Eliza ,1843-

Appleby, Annie ,1857-

Appleby, Arthur ,1859-After 1901

Appleby, Arthur Cecil ,Abt 1900-

Appleby, Arthur Henry ,1889-

Appleby, Bessie ,Abt 1905-

Appleby, Caroline ,Abt 1863-

Appleby, Catherine ,Abt 1822-

Appleby, Catherine Jane ,1859-1891

Appleby, Charles ,Abt 1855-

Appleby, Charles Ford ,Abt 1867-After 1911

Appleby, Charles Stratford ,1904-

Appleby, Charles Swan ,Abt 1882-

Appleby, Clara ,1867-1932

Appleby, Earl ,1894-1977

Appleby, Edith ,Abt 1862-Bef 1881

Appleby, Edith ,Abt 1901-

Appleby, Edmund Coxon ,1882-

Appleby, Edward ,Abt 1711-1769

Appleby, Edward ,Abt 1745-

Appleby, Edward ,Abt 1861-

Appleby, Edwin ,1859-After 1881

Appleby, Eleanor ,Abt 1789-1849

Appleby, Eleanor ,Abt 1832-1848

Appleby, Eleanor ,Abt 1866-Bef 1881

Appleby, Eleanor Jane ,Abt 1855-

Appleby, Eleanor Margaret ,Abt 1905-

Appleby, Elinor ,Abt 1827-1842

Appleby, Eliza Agnes ,1886-1965

Appleby, Eliza Jane ,1875-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,1887-1984

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1760-1821

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1811-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1821-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1826-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1851-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1868-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,Abt 1872-

Appleby, Elizabeth ,1808-

Appleby, Elizabeth Evelyn ,Abt 1904-

Appleby, Elizabeth Jane ,1875-

Appleby, Elizabeth Meanus ,1854-

Appleby, Ella Maud ,1908-

Appleby, Elsie ,Abt 1907-

Appleby, Emma Alice ,1857-1858

Appleby, Ernest ,Abt 1908-

Appleby, Ernest Albert ,1887-1963

Appleby, Ethel,

Appleby, Ethel Spence ,Abt 1867-

Appleby, Eve ,1916-

Appleby, Florence ,Abt 1908-

Appleby, Francis ,1908-

Appleby, Francis ,1908-

Appleby, Francis N ,1881-After 1911

Appleby, Francis N ,1881-After 1911

Appleby, Frank ,1903-

Appleby, Frederick Herbert ,1893-

Appleby, Frederick Swan ,Abt 1885-

Appleby, George ,1913-

Appleby, George ,Abt 1758-

Appleby, George ,Abt 1781-1856

Appleby, George ,Abt 1820-

Appleby, George Cunningham ,1895-Bef 1901

Appleby, George R ,1877-After 1901

Appleby, George R ,1877-After 1901

Appleby, George William ,Abt 1860-After 1881

Appleby, Hannah ,Abt 1815-

Appleby, Hazel Amelia ,1901-1951

Appleby, Henrietta Pilkington ,Abt 1838-1841

Appleby, Herbert ,1856-1880

Appleby, Inda ,1910-

Appleby, Irene ,Abt 1904-

Appleby, Irene Beatrice ,1893-

Appleby, Isabella ,1689-

Appleby, Isabella ,1724-

Appleby, Isabella ,1815-1816

Appleby, Isabella ,1819-Bef 1825

Appleby, Isabella ,Abt 1826-

Appleby, Isabella ,Abt 1828-

Appleby, Isabella ,Abt 1874-

Appleby, Isabella ,Abt 1813-

Appleby, Isabella Alice ,Abt 1893-

Appleby, Isabella Ann ,Abt 1807-After 1881

Appleby, Isabella Hannah ,Abt 1836-Bef 1911

Appleby, Isabella Hannah ,Abt 1836-Bef 1911

Appleby, Ivy Lillian ,Abt 1900-

Appleby, James ,1806-1843

Appleby, James Barton ,Abt 1879-After 1911

Appleby, James Scott ,1885-

Appleby, Jane ,1834-1849

Appleby, Jane ,Abt 1836-After 1911

Appleby, Jane ,Abt 1878-

Appleby, Janet ,Abt 1874-

Appleby, Johannes ,1636-1696

Appleby, John ,1741-

Appleby, John ,1760-

Appleby, John ,1800-1832

Appleby, John ,1853-After 1911

Appleby, John ,1862-1940

Appleby, John ,Abt 1694-1768

Appleby, John ,Abt 1731-1817

Appleby, John ,Abt 1750-1834

Appleby, John ,Abt 1768-1838

Appleby, John ,Abt 1789-After 1871

Appleby, John ,Abt 1816-1886

Appleby, John ,Abt 1817-

Appleby, John ,Abt 1827-Bef 1891

Appleby, John ,Abt 1838-After 1911

Appleby, John ,Abt 1868-

Appleby, John ,Abt 1869-

Appleby, John ,Abt 1871-

Appleby, John ,William

Appleby, John ,1830-

Appleby, John Clifton ,Abt 1864-After 1871

Appleby, John Edward ,Abt 1909-

Appleby, John Ernest ,Jack

Appleby, John George ,1876-

Appleby, John Peacock Pilkington ,1840-1841

Appleby, John Robert Hubbard ,Abt 1865-

Appleby, John William ,1890-1901

Appleby, Jonathan ,1856-

Appleby, Jonathan ,Abt 1826-1862

Appleby, Joseph ,1705-

Appleby, Joseph ,1762-1837

Appleby, Joseph ,1803-1845

Appleby, Joseph ,1892-

Appleby, Joseph ,Abt 1816-After 1851

Appleby, Joseph ,Abt 1890-

Appleby, Joseph ,Abt 1906-

Appleby, Joseph Collingwood ,Abt 1910-

Appleby, Joseph John ,1840-After 1911

Appleby, Josephine ,Abt 1883-

Appleby, Lambton Burn ,1888-

Appleby, Leonora ,Abt 1906-

Appleby, Lilburn ,Abt 1886-1965

Appleby, Lilian Joyce ,Abt 1903-

Appleby, Lillian ,Abt 1885-

Appleby, Lionel ,1808-1809

Appleby, Lionel ,Abt 1780-1808

Appleby, Lizzie ,Abt 1896-

Appleby, Lloyd ,1892-

Appleby, Louisa A ,1847-

Appleby, Lucy Sinclair ,Abt 1884-

Appleby, Margaret ,1696-

Appleby, Margaret ,1758-

Appleby, Margaret ,1852-

Appleby, Margaret ,1925-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1726-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1761-1852

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1766-1830

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1785-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1823-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1825-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1832-

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1876-

Appleby, Margaret ,1797-

Appleby, Margaret ,1806-1825

Appleby, Margaret ,Abt 1802-1875

Appleby, Margaret Anne ,1878-

Appleby, Margaret Anne ,1878-

Appleby, Margaret Jennie ,1890-

Appleby, Margaret Josephine ,Abt 1894-

Appleby, Maria ,Abt 1749-

Appleby, Marion ,Abt 1878-

Appleby, Mark ,Abt 1870-

Appleby, Mark ,Abt 1910-

Appleby, Mark Swan ,Abt 1840-After 1891

Appleby, Mary,

Appleby, Mary ,1721-

Appleby, Mary ,1811-1836

Appleby, Mary ,Abt 1877-

Appleby, Mary ,Bef 1785-

Appleby, Mary A ,Abt 1877-

Appleby, Mary Adaline ,Abt 1900-

Appleby, Mary Ann ,Abt 1870-1934

Appleby, Mary C ,1917-

Appleby, Mary Elizabeth ,1880-

Appleby, Mary Jane ,1848-

Appleby, Mary Jane ,Abt 1833-

Appleby, Mary Sarah ,Abt 1853-1952

Appleby, Mary Thompson ,1860-

Appleby, Maurice Shepherd ,1908-

Appleby, Maurice Shepherd ,1908-

Appleby, Minnie ,Abt 1877-

Appleby, Nicholas ,Abt 1755-1828

Appleby, Nicholas ,Abt 1828-

Appleby, Nicholas ,1805-1805

Appleby, Nicholas ,Abt 1777-

Appleby, Nicholas ,Abt 1828-

Appleby, Norman Daniel ,1905-1953

Appleby, Olive ,1889-1989

Appleby, Olive Florence ,1888-1889

Appleby, Percy ,Abt 1861-After 1911

Appleby, Percy ,Abt 1883-After 1911

Appleby, Percy Norman ,Abt 1896-

Appleby, Richard Somerset ,Abt 1899-

Appleby, Robert ,1702-

Appleby, Robert ,1771-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1736-1798

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1753-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1777-1806

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1824-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1841-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1855-1920

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1908-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1909-

Appleby, Robert ,Abt 1782-1806

Appleby, Robert Bell ,1846-1920

Appleby, Robert Bell ,1879-1952

Appleby, Robert Percy ,Abt 1865-After 1901

Appleby, Robert S ,Abt 1887-

Appleby, Robert Thompson ,1869-1940

Appleby, Sarah Hall ,Abt 1879-

Appleby, Sarah Hannah ,1902-1902

Appleby, Sarah Jane ,1862-Bef 1881

Appleby, Selina ,1852-

Appleby, Stanley ,1913-1970

Appleby, Stanley ,1924-

Appleby, Stanley T ,1921-1921

Appleby, Sydney ,Abt 1909-

Appleby, Thomas ,1734-1763

Appleby, Thomas ,1752-

Appleby, Thomas ,1798-

Appleby, Thomas ,1904-

Appleby, Thomas ,1927-

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1615-

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1668-1668

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1699-

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1723-1790

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1741-Bef 1747

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1783-1868

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1881-

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1885-

Appleby, Thomas ,1806-

Appleby, Thomas ,1810-After 1871

Appleby, Thomas ,Abt 1772-

Appleby, Thomas ,Bef 1733-1813

Appleby, Thomas Simpson ,1880-

Appleby, Thomas Stanley ,Abt 1891-1966

Appleby, Ursula ,1867-

Appleby, Vera Rose ,1897-

Appleby, Violet Evelyn ,1914-1989

Appleby, Walter ,Abt 1872-After 1911

Appleby, Walter ,Abt 1906-

Appleby, Walter Anderson ,1880-

Appleby, Wilfred ,Abt 1911-

Appleby, Wilfred Scott ,1892-

Appleby, William ,1707-

Appleby, William ,1898-

Appleby, William ,1919-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1742-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1774-1853

Appleby, William ,Abt 1792-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1812-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1817-After 1881

Appleby, William ,Abt 1820-1900

Appleby, William ,Abt 1822-1879

Appleby, William ,Abt 1854-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1859-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1864-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1879-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1904-

Appleby, William ,Abt 1769-

Appleby, William Cunningham ,1838-After 1911

Appleby, William Cunningham ,1869-1909

Appleby, William M ,1862-1946

Appleby, William Nicholas ,Abt 1838-After 1891

Appleby, William Robert ,Abt 1889-

Appleby, William S ,1859-

Appleby, William Surtees ,1884-

Appleby, William T ,1875-After 1911

Appleby, William T ,1875-After 1911

Appleby, William Taylor ,Abt 1896-

Athey, William James,

Atkinson, Isabella ,Abt 1730-Bef 1766

Atkinson, Margaret ,Abt 1739-1793

Baird, Dorothy,

Barton, Ann ,Abt 1842-After 1911

Becht, Henry,

Bell, Ann ,Abt 1790-1860

Bell, Elizabeth ,Abt 1809-

Bell, James,

Bell, Sarah ,Abt 1851-After 1911

Bell, Thomas,

Bewick, Margaret Hannah,

Bruce, Joseph,


Buston, Margaret ,-1766

Cairns, Margaret Lillie ,1889-

Cairns, Margaret Lillie ,1889-

Capera, Annie Alice ,Abt 1865-After 1911

Carr, Jane ,1770-1841

Corrigan, Sarah Jane ,Abt 1877-

Cunningham, Jane ,Abt 1816-

Curry, Isabella ,Abt 1849-

Daniel, Admonisha ,1870-1969

Davenport, Alfred John,

Dean, Florence O ,1866-1951

Dodds, Henry,

Embleton, Ellen ,Abt 1756-1841

Familton, Mary,

Fenwick, Margaret Ann ,Abt 1811-1897

Flowers, William,

Ford, Hannah ,Abt 1842-Bef 1911

Griffiths, Martha ,Abt 1882-After 1911

Hall, Mary ,Abt 1850-

Hodgson, Ann ,Abt 1791-1879

Hopkinson, Samuel ,-1878

Hubbard, Caroline ,Abt 1824-After 1901

Huntley, Eleanor ,Abt 1789-1865

Huntley, Jane,

Hutton, Thomas Adam ,Abt 1855-

Johnson, Isabella ,Abt 1777-

Johnson, William ,Abt 1790-1865

Lilburn, Margaret ,Abt 1842-1923

Marshall, Isabella ,Abt 1803-1839

Menzies, Elizabeth , -Bef 1841

Michieson, Ann ,Abt 1823-1897

Miller, Isabella,

Mitchell, Martha ,Abt 1861-

Nanson, Emily,

Newton, Hannah ,Abt 1777-Bef 1861

Nunn, Helen  (Ellen Maud),

Potts, Isabel ,Abt 1737-1811

Prescott, George,

Robson, Elizabeth,

Robson, James,

Robson, Joseph,

Rowe, Eliza Ann ,1866-1898

Sanderson, William Stafford,

Scott, Charlotte ,Abt 1869-1947

Scott, Gair,

Shell, Ralph,

Shepherd, Rhoda Louise ,Abt 1876-

Shepherd, Rhoda Louise ,Abt 1876-

Simpson, Eliza ,Abt 1857-1928

Slassor, Walter,

Sommerfield, William O ,1884-1977

Spence, Jane Margaret ,Abt 1826-After 1901

Spraggon, John,

Sproat, Isabella ,-1860

Summerbell, John,

Summers, Catherine,

Swan, Mary Ann ,Abt 1807-After 1871

Taylor, George,

Tennant, Mary ,Abt 1884-1966

Thompson, Agnes ,Abt 1833-

Thompson, Thomas W ,1884-1965

Todd, Ann,

Weir, Edna ,-1999

Woodman, Mary ,1882-

Woods, Martha ,Abt 1875-After 1911

Woods, Mary Jane ,1879-After 1911

Young, Isabella Wilkie ,Abt 1876-

DNA project

The image above shows Warkworth and is reproduced with kind permission of

click on the map to view a larger image of the 1867 Ordnance Survey, showing the location of Acklington High Park and Haystack Hill

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Martin Crane has documented his research into his great uncle Tommy Thompson of East Peoria on his excellent Facebook site   Tommy followed his neighbour John Appleby from Shankhouse in Northumberland out to East Peoria in Illinois, where he made his fortune (and also married John Appleby's daughter Hazel - seen above right). You can read more about the individuals in this line in 'The Confessions of Old King Coal', Martin Cole's book which is published on Kindle (available from Amazon).


You can also read more about some of the descendants of Thomas and Jane (Huntley) (see chart three) on Duncan's website.


If your ancestors came from Acklington, you will also find much interesting information about the parish and its inhabitants on the Acklington Parish website


If you know more about this family, do please contact me using this contact page.  We are also seeking living male Appleby descendants in both England and USA to participate in our DNA testing programme.  We have already tested one branch of the Acklington line and know that it is connected to William Appleby of Philadelphia, the Embleton Applebys, the Haswell Applebys, John the stonemason of Acklington and the line of Gabriel Appleby of New Brunswick in Canada.  More recently we discovered that two lines with early origins in Ireland share a common ancestor with this group of lines: Applebys of Kirkcaldy and Applebys of Roscommon and Middlesbrough.

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