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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys from Malton, North Yorkshire

Early census entries show that this APPLEBY family included several tradesmen in Malton ... although the head of the branch John Appleby (who was recorded as a painter in 1841, but on his daughter's marriage certificate, this is expanded to 'painter and gilder') had died, by 1851 his widow Sarah was shown as an eatinghouse keeper in Wheelgate, and her married daughter  Ann Barker  was a pastry cook at the Wheelgate shop.   By 1861 Sarah was a muffin maker and Ann and her husband were the main householders at the Wheelgate shop - by 1871 Thomas Barker was widowed but is shown as a provision dealer in Wheelgate (his mother-in-law Sarah was still living there but seems to have earned a well deserved retirement!)

The image above shows a delivery cart outside Appleby's grocers on Wheelgate in Malton - the one on right gives a longer view of a number of shops in Wheelgate.  

I am very grateful to David, of Massers Photo Shop at 30 Wheelgate, (which occupies the old Appleby grocers) for providing these two images

I believe the couple on the left are John and Margaret (Wilson) Appleby who married in 1912 in Middlesbrough, Yorks.  In August 1923, John sailed to Quebec in the 'Montcalm', and was followed by his wife Margaret in 1925 with their two surviving children, Mary and John.

We were initially sent information about this line from descendants whose ancestor John Appleby had emigrated to Canada:  although we have not (yet!) found anyone else in this line who also emigrated to Canada I was surprised to discover that one of John's aunts had married a man who was born in Canada in about 1826 and came to live in Yorkshire where he settled down. Is this just a coincidence?  

The folk in Malton seem to be particularly helpful:  I am also grateful to John who manages the Malton History website  (which has some terrific old photos) and who located the following advert from the Stamford Mercury of Friday 7 Aug 1891:

"GROCER - Wanted at once, a young Man as Grocer, to sell goods in the country and make himself generally useful, look after his horse, and live in.  Send reference.  None but pushing young men need apply. - J.Appleby, Malton"


Perhaps the successful applicant is shown in the main photo at the top of this page?


There is also the Malton and Norton Community website which includes lots of historical information,  including lists of past and present occupants of the main streets in the town.


The Appleby family from Malton seem to have made regular appearances in the local Press:

The Driffield Times of 17 jan 1875, reported that John Appleby, provision merchant of Malton, was one of a number of Malton residents who were vehemently opposed to compulsory vaccination – several of whom pleaded guilty to refusing to have their children vaccinated, stating they would prefer to be imprisoned.  Appleby and three other Malton residents were fined 5s plus 5s costs.

In 1877, Mr J Appleby was appointed President of the Malton branch of the Anti-Vaccination League which was inaugurated at a public meeting held in the Spittle-street School. The report in the York Herald of 29 March 1877 stated that “the efforts of the association, would be directed against the compulsory vacinnation law, the repeal of which is to be attempted to be effected by means of lectures, essays, public meetings, and the distribution of suitable literature.”


There were further incidents concerning John Appleby’s grocer’s shop (mainly thefts) but a more serious report concerned a motoring incident ... The Yorkshire Evening Post of Saturday 27 jun 1914 reported on “What came of a lighting a cigarette while a friend held the wheel” – when a motor mechanic was summoned for driving a motor-car to the danger of the public.  Apparently whilst Mr John Appleby, his wife, nursemaid and child in a perambulator were walking on the footpath in York Road, when a car mounted the footpath, wrecking the perambulator and knocking Mrs Appleby, the nursemaid and the child over, causing bruising.  It seems the defendant (a motor mechanic) was not driving the motor car himself but was asked to hold the wheel whilst the driver lit a cigarette.  The mechanic turned the wheel the wrong way!  He was fined £5, costs and solicitor’s fees.  (With thanks to John from the Malton History website for sending these extracts)

Alice Hollingsworth
Tom Rawlings Gosney
Pic 01-2
original image of cart

The images below show Tom Rawlings Gosney and Alice (nee  Hollingsworth) who married in Shardlow, Derbys in 1895.  I believe Tom was the son of Zillah Appleby and her husband George (or Samuel?) Gosney - who married in Durham reg.district in 1861. Oddly, although I have a copy of the marriage certificate which clearly shows her husband as George, in subsequent census entries his name is recorded as Samuel Gosney; and by the 1891 census the whole family has the surname Rawlings!

There is no confusion about the identity of Zillah: she was definitely one of twelve children of John Appeby and Sarah Coulson, who married in Malton in 1824.

Descendancy chart for John Appleby and his wife Sarah (Coulson)

this chart is in pdf format - you will need to zoom in and scroll across to view all the individuals in the family that we know of to date


Appleby, Ada Oxley (Abt 1867-After 1911)

Appleby, Adah (Abt 1834- )

Appleby, Agnes Ann (Abt 1877- )

Appleby, Alice (Abt 1879- )

Appleby, Ann (Abt 1829-1869)

Appleby, Annie (Abt 1870- )

Appleby, Anthony - Provision Dealer (1843-1903)

Appleby, Arthur (Abt 1879- )

Appleby, Charlotte (Abt 1833-1833)

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1833-Bef 1841)

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1885- )

Appleby, Emily M (Abt 1871- )

Appleby, Florence (Abt 1875- )

Appleby, George Coulson (1841- )

Appleby, Hannah (Abt 1881- )

Appleby, Jane (Abt 1836-After 1911)

Appleby, Jennie (1915-1919)

Appleby, John - Painter (Abt 1801-1850)

Appleby, John (1839-1910)

Appleby, John (1920- )

Appleby, John (Abt 1881-1964)

Appleby, John Crawford (1853- )

Appleby, Louisa (Abt 1877- )

Appleby, Mary (1913- )

Appleby, Mary (Abt 1825-1892)

Appleby, Rose (Abt 1873- )

Appleby, Sarah (Abt 1826-1826)

Appleby, Sarah (Abt 1868- )

Appleby, Sarah Ann O (Abt 1869-1941)

Appleby, Sarah J (Abt 1874- )

Appleby, Thomas (Abt 1827- )

Appleby, Thomas Arthur (1872-1891)

Appleby, Zillah (Abt 1831-1910)

Ashwell, Michael Newlove (Abt 1817- )

Barker, Thomas (Abt 1828-1904)

Coulson, Sarah (Abt 1798-1873)

Crawford, Mary (Abt 1827- )

Dixon, Thomas - Brickmaker (Abt 1826-1877)

Donnington, Clara Annie (Abt 1876- )

Gosney, Caroline (Abt 1867- )

Gosney, George R (or Samuel?) - Miner (Abt 1836- )

Gosney, John Rawling (Abt 1865- )

Gosney, Sarah Ann (Abt 1863- )

Gosney, Tom Rawlings (Abt 1869- )

Hollingsworth, Alice (Abt 1868- )

Hutchinson, Elizabeth - Confectioner (Abt 1843-After 1911)

Hutchinson, Thomas Craven

Oxley, Sarah Ann (Abt 1842-After 1911)

Quinton, Ann (Abt 1847-1871)

Smith, Hannah (Abt 1843-1904)

Wilson, Margaret (Abt 1886-1954)

Woods, William Ernest (Abt 1866- )

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