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World War I (1914-1918)


Naval Casualties (RN & RNVR)

World War II (1939-1945)



Appleby Alaric Joseph (1916-1941)

Appleby Albert Edward (1917-1944)

Appleby Alexander (1890-1918)

Appleby Alfred Starkey (1898-1914)

Appleby Allan (d. 1942)

Appleby Armstrong (1915-1942)

Appleby Arthur (1910-1940)

Appleby Arthur (1921-1945)

Appleby Arthur Ernest (1912-1942)

Appleby Arthur Harold (1892-1917)

Appleby Audrey Agnes (1924-1941)

Appleby Bertram Frederick (1919-1944)

Appleby Bruce (1920-1942)

Appleby Charles Henry (d. 1942)

Appleby Charles William (1905-1944)

Appleby Christopher

Appleby Christopher (1918-1941)

Appleby Cyril H (1920-1940)

Appleby Denis (1923-1942)

Appleby Dennis Frederick (1919-1940)

Appleby Donald Graham (1896-1918)

(Appleby) Edith (1872-1940)

Appleby Edward

Appleby Edward (1910-1942)

Appleby Edward Henry (1895-1941)

Appleby Edward Henry (1902-1941)

Appleby Edwin Charles (1915-1945)

Appleby Eric (1921-1942)

Appleby Eric Ernest (1923-1944)

Appleby F A (d. 1945)

Appleby Florence Mabel (1919-1944)

Appleby Francis (1897-1918)

Appleby Francis Charles (1923-1945)

Appleby Francis Henry (1906-1945)

Appleby Frank Carter (1905-1944)

Appleby Frank Louis (1898-1917)

Appleby Frederick George (1891-1917)

Appleby Frederick George (1906-1941)

Appleby Frederick William (1881-1918)

Appleby Frederick William (1918-1944)

Appleby Frederick William (1920-1941)

Appleby George (d. 1915)

Appleby George Charles (d. 1941)

Appleby George Frederick (1907-1944)

Appleby George Leonard (1916-1941)

Appleby Harold Arthur (1918-1943)

Appleby Harry (1927-1946)

Appleby Harry Basil (1912-1940)

Appleby Henry George (1875-1918)

Appleby Herbert

Appleby Herbert (1888-1916)

Appleby Herbert Alfred (1907-1943)

Appleby Herbert George (1918-1942)

Appleby Hugh Leonard (1895-1916)

Appleby James (d. 1940)

Applebee John

Appleby John

Appleby John (1885-1917)

Appleby John Addison (1901-1944)

Applebee John Alexander (1919-1940)

Appleby John Arthur (1916-1942)

Appleby John Douglas (1920-1941)

Appleby John Dunstan (1911-1943)

Appleby John Edgar (1920-1944)

Appleby John Francis (1915-1942)

Appleby John Leslie (1916-1943)

Appleby John Robert "Jack" (1912-1940)

Appleby John Robinson (1916-1942)

Appleby John Rowley (1899-1918)

Appleby John Thomas (1880-1940)

Appleby John Thomas Turton (1897-1918)

Appleby John Trevor Middleton (1914-1944)

Appleby John Whitehouse (1887-1941)

Appleby John William Stuart (1923-1941)

Appleby Joseph

Appleby Joseph Anthony Dees (1911-1944)

Appleby Joseph Harold (1902-1945)

Appleby Kenneth (1921-1941)

Appleby Kenneth (1926-1947)

Appleby Levi

Appleby Marie Christine Alberta (1944-1944)

Appleby Matthew John (1892-1940)

Appleby May Annie (1893-1940)

Appleby Michael Barton (1920-1941)

Appleby Norman (1890-1917)

Appleby Norman Walter (1919-1941)

Appleby Peter Arthur (1924-1947)

Appleby Rachel Joan Dorcas (1921-1942)

Applebee Reginald (1916-1942)

Appleby Reginald Mortimer (1894-1917)

Applebee Reginald Thomas (1920-1945)

Appleby Rex Arthur (1915-1942)

Appleby Richard (1883-1917)

Appleby Robert James (1898-1915)

Appleby Robert Reginald George (1916-1944)

Appleby Roger Stobbs (1913-1944)

Appleby Sidney George John (1915-1940)

Appleby Sidney Norman (1924-1945)

Appleby Stanley (1916-1945)

Appleby Sydney (1887-1919)

Appleby Thomas (1861-1918)

Appleby Thomas (1885-1915)

Appleby Thomas (1914-1944)

Appleby Thomas (d. 1944)

Appleby Thomas Gaufrey Wearmouth (1915-1939)

Appleby Thomas William (1921-1943)

Appleby Tom (1914-1941)

Appleby Walter Harry (1922-1946)

Appleby Wilfred Alfonso Sirene (1912-1944)

Appleby Wilfred Lawson (1896-1917)

Appleby Willard Hiram (1896-1917)

Appleby William

Appleby William (1886-1917)

Appleby William (1893-1917)

Appleby William (1914-1940)

Appleby William (1921-1942)

Appleby William (1925-1943)

Appleby William Cavenar (1907-1941)

Applebee William George (1901-1918)

Appleby William Richard (1923-1944)

Appleby William Seddon (1920-1944)

Appleby William Taylor (1888-1915)

Appleby William Thompson (1920-1943)

Appleby William Walton

Appleby/Applebaum David (1907-1940)

Appleby/Smith/Lippett May Violetta (1901-1940)

Day Agnes (1902-1941)

Gill Carol Bettine (1922-1944)

Alnwick Castle banner 2

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys in Military Records

John Frederick Appleby (1795-1878)

Young Appleby (c.1792-1849)

Clarence Appleby

Second Lieutenant Clarence Appleby (1899-1988) in his uniform of the Royal Air Force. (Royal Aero Club photograph)

N.B. For world war burial and cemetery information, please search the

Commonwealth War Graves Commission website (opens in a new window).


Air Force

(Merchant, RM, RN & RNZNVR)

The only RAF Appleby to have died in World War I was Second Lieutenant Edwin Alec Appleby.  He was born at Brixton Hill, London.  He died June 24th 1918, aged 18.  He was the third son of Robert and Annie, of 82 Ederline Avenue, Norbury, London.

Air Force


Boer War (1899-1902)

Army Doctor and Mayor

Early 19th Century Naval Officers

Soldiers of the Boer War



British Army Medal Records

British Army Pension Records

British Army Service Records

dominion geordies website

Thousands of Applebys have served in the armed forces over the past few centuries (most of them in the two world wars), with many dying for King and Country.


Below is a timeline of all known Applebys mentioned in available military records, beginning with the Battle of Waterloo (1815) and ending in World War II (1939-1945).


Records in red are coming soon.

All surnames are spelt Appleby unless otherwise stated.


I am grateful to Craig for putting all this information together - if you would like to submit additional information, please use the Contact Form at the left.

Battle of Waterloo (1815)

The only Appleby mentioned in the Waterloo Medal Roll of 1815 is Private Robert Appleby, who served in Captain C. Ellis's Company of the 1st Battalion of the 40th Regiment of Foot. You can read more about Robert Appleby on this page of the website

Dominion Geordies in WW1

This project aims to research the war service of emigrants from the North East of England who served in Dominion Forces in the Great War.  Member Joe has undertaken extensive research on ten Appleby soldiers (all born in NE England) who served in Australian and Canadian units.

Read Joe's detailed reports here - they were written for the project website (see left) but it is no longer available.  So I will include the reports about the individual soldiers on the relevant family page.


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