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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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John and Charles Applebee, Armourers and brasiers

I came across this line quite by accident, whilst trying to find the origins of another London line of Applebys.  Unusually, almost all the evidence for the reconstruction of the early generations of this line came from Wills ... this family certainly knew how to provide us genealogists with the sort information we need to work out who married who and how everyone is related!


John Applebee, the elder of the two brothers was apprenticed in 1668 to John SHARDE, citizen and Armourer and Brazier of London.  It seems that his younger brother Charles was in turn apprenticed to his big brother John in 1683 (just after John was admitted as a Freeman of the City of London).  Charles apprenticeship papers helpfully provided the additional information that his father John Appleby was a Taylor of Redding in Berkshire.


The SHARDs were to feature heavily in this family, as JohnApplebee's son (another John and also an Armourer and Brasier) married Mary Shard, daughter of Sir Isaac Shard and his wife Dame Elizabeth.  John and Mary Applebee were major beneficiaries of Sir Isaac's will, inheriting estates in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and London.  But John's descendants were all to die out within three generations, eventually leaving a huge estate to a 77 year old spinster Josepha Martha Applebee.  Josepha's will reads like a lottery handout, with sums of £3,000 being bequeathed to distant cousins along with huge tracts of England.  It was thirty years before her will was finally proved!


Meanwhile younger brother Charles managed to produce a somewhat larger family - including five Vicars - but his branch was also short on men of the marrying kind, and eventually in 1822 when Josepha died, the bulk of her estate came across to this branch of the family - but it still ended up going to Caroline Maria Applebee, another elderly spinster, who in turn passed it all on to the children of her married sister. In fact only three of Carolines's cousins lived long enough to appear in the early censuses and they all seem to have died childless, so I don't hold out much hope of ever finding any living descendants of this line!  Some day, I will check out the death duty records to discover just how much the estate was worth, although given the length of time it took to prove Josepha Martha's will, perhaps it all ended up in the Chancellor's coffers?



ApplebeeAnn 1730-1752

ApplebeeAnn 1756-1756

ApplebeeAnne 1722-1722

ApplebeeAnne 1757-

ApplebeeCaroline Maria  1786-1854

ApplebeeCatherine 1696-

ApplebeeCatherine 1715-

ApplebeeCharles 1663-1721

ApplebeeCharles 1693-1767

ApplebeeCharles 1718-

ApplebeeCharles (Reverend)1758-

ApplebeeCharles James 1786-

ApplebeeEdward 1795-

ApplebeeElizabeth 1755-

ApplebeeFrances 1800-

ApplebeeFrederick 1797-1800

ApplebeeGeorge 1760-

ApplebeeGeorge  (Reverend)1723-1783

ApplebeeGrace Joanna 1799-

ApplebeeHenry  (Reverend)1794-1864

ApplebeeIsaac  1727-1795

ApplebeeJacob  1720-1800

ApplebeeJames 1726-1727

ApplebeeJames 1690-


ApplebeeJohn  1653-1728


Applebee John  1679-1746

Applebee      John 1718-1785

Applebee John 1728-1735

Applebee      John  (Reverend)1756-1825

Applebee John Benjamin 1746-1747

Applebee       John Benjamin 1751-1787

Applebee        John Bennett 1788-1865

Applebee        Josepha Martha  1745-1822

Applebee        Katherine 1683-1683

Applebee Male 1679-1679

Applebee Maria  -1808

Applebee      Mary 1717-

Applebee      Matthew 1695-

Applebee       Samuel 1692-1693

Applebee       Sarah 1721-

Baker        John

DobbsJoan -1716

Keel      John

Lukyn      Grace -1820

MerrealKatherine -1718

Scott      Mary

ShardMary  1689-1762

SmithMary 1723-1809

TempleAnne Elise Frances 1811-1888

WilcoxAlice 1692-1754

WilliamsJames Hadley Wilson (Reverend)


click here to view the chart showing descendants of brothers John and Charles Applebee, of the City of London, armourers and brasiers

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