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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Appleby miners of Durham

We have managed to trace this line back to Michael Appleby a collier who was born in about 1781 in Kelloe, Co Durham.  Michael Appleby was married to Sarah Wilson in 1806 and their eleven known children managed to generate around 150 descendants before 1911!  Most of the men and boys worked in Durham mines.


Robert Wilson Appleby, one of Michael's grandsons, died in the Elemore Colliery disaster of 1886 - you can read about the explosion which caused the death of Robert and 27 of his colleagues on the excellent Durham Mining Museum website.  Robert's father Peter had been killed by a fall of stone whilst working at Sherburn Colliery in 1876.


We had thought that Michael Appleby was connected to the Applebys of Kelloe line, even though we hadnt located any written records confirming a connection, but we have now received a set of yDNA results which confirm there is no connection - either with the Kelloe line or with any other Appleby line.  


Following information from a recent new member descended from a USA line of Applebys (which turned out to connect to this line), additional research has been undertaken, locating details of more members of this line in County Durham as well as the newly identified branch which emigrated to Pennsylvania - the chart is now so wide I have divided it into four separate charts (Chart One connects the other three charts which show Michael's grandsons):

mining image

CHART ONE - Descendants of Michael APPLEBY and Sarah WILSON

CHART TWO - Descendants of Michael's grandson Peter APPLEBY and Hannah MOODY

CHART THREE - Descendants of Michael's grandson John APPLEBY and Esther SANDERSON

CHART FOUR - Descendants of Michael's grandson Michael APPLEBY and Mary Wilson


The charts were produced using mainly census data (England and USA) and information from either the GRO index or Durham Records online, (plus some invaluable assistance from Joe). I would also appreciate any additional information, or old family photos, from any other Appleby researchers.


Akenhead, Jane, 1866-1911

Appleby, (Ann) Hannah, 1889-

Appleby, Ada, 1900-

Appleby, Alice, 1825-

Appleby, Alice, 1919-

Appleby, Allice R, 1881-

Appleby, Ann, 1820-

Appleby, Ann, 1828-

Appleby, Ann Elizabeth, 1868-

Appleby, Ann Hannah, 1873-

Appleby, Anna, 1913-

Appleby, Annie, 1906-

Appleby, Annie Jackson, 1909-

Appleby, Arthur Fenwick, 1899-1918

Appleby, Bella, 1903-

Appleby, Catherine, 1900-

Appleby, Clara M, 1883-

Appleby, Dorah, 1887-

Appleby, Eleanor, 1875-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1864-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1891-1901

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1809-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1826-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1866-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1897-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1901-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1915-

Appleby, Elizabeth A, 1879-

Appleby, Elleanor, 1865-1875

Appleby, Elspeth, 1848-

Appleby, Elspeth, 1868-

Appleby, Esther, 1835-

Appleby, Esther, 1864-

Appleby, Esther, 1867-

Appleby, Esther, 1907-

Appleby, Ethel, 1896-

Appleby, Ethel, 1907-

Appleby, Florence, 1898-

Appleby, George - Coal Miner, 1893-

Appleby, George - Methodist Preacher, 1862-

Appleby, George, 1881-1900

Appleby, George, 1897-

Appleby, George, 1899-

Appleby, George, 1904-

Appleby, George Robert, 1910-

Appleby, Gladys Ann, 1905-

Appleby, Hannah, 1831-

Appleby, Hannah, 1859-

Appleby, Hannah, 1860-

Appleby, Hannah, 1907-

Appleby, Hannah Raine, 1872-

Appleby, Hannah Raine, 1893-

Appleby, Hannah Ruth, 1892-

Appleby, Isabel, 1891-

Appleby, Isabel, 1895-

Appleby, Isabella, 1827-

Appleby, Isabella, 1869-

Appleby, Isabella, 1888-1891

Appleby, Jane, 1870-

Appleby, Jane, 1879-

Appleby, Jane, 1881-

Appleby, Jane, 1894-

Appleby, Jane, 1900-

Appleby, Jane A, 1869-

Appleby, Jane R, 1856-

Appleby, Jerome, 1917- Appleby, John - Coal Miner, 1837-

Appleby, John - Pitman, 1811-1891

Appleby, John, 1846-

Appleby, John, 1869-

Appleby, John, 1879-

Appleby, John, 1903-

Appleby, John, 1907-

Appleby, John Newton Shipley, 1891-

Appleby, Joseph - Groom, 1894-

Appleby, Joseph, 1866-

Appleby, Joseph William, 1886-

Appleby, Lily, 1910-

Appleby, Margaret, 1903-

Appleby, Mary, 1813-

Appleby, Mary, 1857-

Appleby, Mary, 1876-1880

Appleby, Mary, 1880-

Appleby, Mary, 1899-

Appleby, Mary, 1902-

Appleby, Mary (Margaret) Jane, 1890-

Appleby, Mary Ann, 1850-

Appleby, Mary Ann, 1870-

Appleby, Mary Hannah, 1910-

Appleby, Mary J, 1894-

Appleby, Mary Jane, 1889-

Appleby, Matthew Bell, 1895-

Appleby, Matthew Raine, 1874-

Appleby, Matthew Raine, 1906-

Appleby, May, 1901-

Appleby, May, 1909-

Appleby, Michael - Coal Miner, 1835-

Appleby, Michael - Coal Miner, 1841-1910

Appleby, Michael - Coalminer, 1842-

Appleby, Michael - Collier, 1781-1841

Appleby, Michael - Pitman, 1818-1850

Appleby, Michael, 1866-

Appleby, Mona, 1910-

Appleby, Norah, 1905-

Appleby, Peter - Coal Miner, 1841-

Appleby, Peter - Coal Miner, 1863-1911

Appleby, Peter - Coal Miner, 1866-1911

Appleby, Peter - Coal Miner, 1867-1911

Appleby, Peter - Collier, 1807-1876

Appleby, Peter, 1897-

Appleby, Peter, 1901-

Appleby, Peter, 1901-1911

Appleby, Peter, 1902-

Appleby, Peter, 1903-

Appleby, Ralph, 1908-

Appleby, Rebecca, 1905-

Appleby, Regina, 1909-

Appleby, Robert - Coal Miner, 1839-

Appleby, Robert - Coal Miner, 1865-1911

Appleby, Robert, 1874-

Appleby, Robert, 1875-

Appleby, Robert, 1882-

Appleby, Robert, 1896-

Appleby, Robert, 1898-

Appleby, Robert Wilson - Butcher, 1891-

Appleby, Robert Wilson - Coal Miner, 1833-1886

Appleby, Robert Wilson - Coal Miner, 1815-1832

Appleby, Roy Russel, 1886-

Appleby, Russel, 1911-

Appleby, Sarah, 1823-

Appleby, Sarah, 1839-


Appleby, Sarah, 1885-

Appleby, Sarah, 1892-

Appleby, Sarah, 1902-

Appleby, Sarah Ann Lawson, 1861-

Appleby, Sarah E, 1874-

Appleby, Sarah Ellen, 1846-

Appleby, Sarah J, 1849-

Appleby, Thomas - Fitter Ordnance Factory, 1871-1911

Appleby, Thomas, 1830-

Appleby, Thomas, 1845-1851

Appleby, Thomas, 1878-

Appleby, William - Coal Miner, 1843-1881

Appleby, William - Coal Miner, 1843-1911

Appleby, William - Coal Miner, 1863-1911

Appleby, William - Coal Miner, 1865-

Appleby, William, 1888-

Appleby, William, 1897-

Appleby, William J, 1880-

Appleby, William Raine, 1889-

Appleby, William W, 1890-

Bell, Rebecca, 1869-1911

Bestford, Jane, 1878-

Bowman, Mary, 1843-1883

Burdess, Henry,

Carr, William,

Clark, Eleanor,

Coulson, Elizabeth, 1888-

Eltringham, Mary, 1844-1910

Fenwick, Josephine M, 1867-

Gardener, (Jane) Elizabeth, 1870-

Haw, Lawrence Conyers,

Higham, Thomas, 1827-

Knaggs, Ann, 1841-

Moody, Hannah, 1804-1873

Neavens, Sarah Jane, 1872-1911

Nicholson, Elizabeth, 1786-1851

Parker, Ann Hannah, 1889-

Parkin, Mary Jane, 1837-1902

Pigg, Lavinia, 1882-

Raine, Hannah, 1845-

Sanderson, Esther, 1809-1891

Shipley, Christiana, 1869-1911

Spence, James William,

Steel, Isabella Charlotte, 1884-

Steel, Margaret, 1876-

Steel, Mary Ann, 1842-

Turnbull, William, 1868-

Wade, Jane, 1843-1901

Williamson, Mary, 1846-

Wilson, Mary, 1822-

Wilson, Sarah, 1790-1832

Wright, Elizabeth, 1833-1901

Wright, Jane Ann, 1867-


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