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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Hyons Wood line

There is a possibility that this line is also connected to the John of Corbridge line, but although to date we have not discovered any evidence to prove this theory, the most likely link is that Henry Appleby (who was christened in Newcastle St John on 2 nov 1788 - the son of Henry Appleby, yeoman and Jane) is possibly the son of Henry and Jane (Redhead) of the Corbridge line ... but this couple did not marry until November 1789!  We do not yet have a direct male descendant to take a yDNA test, which may be the only definite way of proving a connection to another Appleby line.

The 1843 Tithe Map above shows the plot in the parish of Hedley Woodside where Henry Appleby held a cottage and just over 8 acres, which he leased from the Duke of Northumberland for a charge of 3s 6d per annum

1843 map thumb

Joe has undertaken the research for this line, and also searched American and Canadian records to track families that disappeared from the records ... He located the family of William and Barbara (Bullman) in Canada, but we have also 'lost' another family - that of John Appleby and Elizabeth (Taylor) who all disappeared after the 1871 census.  We have not found this family yet, but there is still the possibility that we may discover even more descendants of this line.

a Codd bottle from Appleby aerated water mnfr

One of the families in this line is Joseph Appleby (1842-1922) whose occupation in the 1881 census is shown as 'Aerated Water Manufacturer'.  So I was hugely grateful to Steve, who contacted me when I happened to be putting all the information together about this line with the photo shown on the left, having found our website on Google!


Steve collects old bottles and explained that the Appleby bottle (3rd from left in the photo) dates from around 1890  is a ‘Codd’ bottle: this type of bottle was invented by Hiram Codd in the 1870s to contain carbonated drinks.  

As well as being made of thick glass the bottle has a cringe in the neck where a marble would rest while pouring: when full, the marble would seal the bottle by gas pressure.  Apparently these bottles are now very rare because children used to break the bottles to retrieve the marbles!


Joseph Appleby appeared in the 1881 census living with his father (a joiner).  Joseph was by this time married to Isabella Weatherby and their eldest dau was aged three – and Joseph’s occupation was Aerated water manufacturer.  They were living in Lishman’s Buildings and also at the same address was Josephs brother Henry – a shoemaker and his family.

josephs grave thumb

I was intrigued to see that in the 1891 census Joseph was living at ‘Appleby Terrace’ in Crawcrook ... though by 1901 it had changed to ‘Appleby Buildings’ West Ryton and in 1911 there is no detailed address, just West Ryton.  Joseph died in 1922 at the age of 80 and he was buried in Ryton Cemetery on 5 April (the record states he was of Appleby Place and the widower of Isabella. None of their three children surveved long enough to marry and have children.  But Joseph’s brother William was also a soda water manuracturer for a while – though I havent found any children for William and his wife Elizabeth either,  so I dont think there will be any descendants still living in the area.


And although Appleby Place still comes up on a Google search, it seems to be the name of a building rather than a street name.  

As well as providing the photo of the Appleby bottle and background information about the glass making business, Steve also took the time to visit the Ryton Cemetery and sent me a photo of Joseph Appleby’s grave.  What a star!


So thank you Steve – and if anyone reading this comes up with some interesting Appleby-related information, please do let me know.


Anderson, Robert

Appleby, Agnes (Abt 1874-1918)

Appleby, Ann (1860-1906)

Appleby, Ann (Abt 1830- )

Appleby, Ann (Abt 1851-1860)

Appleby, Annie Rutherford (1889-1889)

Appleby, Charles (1887-1887)

Appleby, Dorothy (Abt 1862-1936)

Appleby, Dorothy Minnie (Abt 1877-1933)

Appleby, Edwin - Schoolmaster (1909-1984)

Appleby, Eleanor (Abt 1815-1900)

Appleby, Elizabeth (1865- )

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1824- )

Appleby, Elizabeth Alexandra (1886-1960)

Appleby, Elizabeth Ethel (Abt 1888-1902)

Appleby, Elizabeth Hannah (1867-1923)

Appleby, Ernest - Clerk, R'way/Ship Agency (1880- )

Appleby, George (Abt 1859- )

Appleby, Harry (1882-1965)

Appleby, Henry - Coal Miner, Shoemaker (1839-1916)

Appleby, Henry - Husbandman (1788- )

Appleby, Henry - Paper Mill Lab. (Abt 1821-1900)

Appleby, Henry (1857- )

Appleby, Henry (1869- )

Appleby, Henry (Abt 1819-1820)

Appleby, Herbert (1885-1916)

Appleby, James - Quarryman (Abt 1846-1887)

Appleby, James Murray (1907- )

Appleby, James Robson (1836-1865)

Appleby, James Robson (Abt 1864-1883)

Appleby, Jane (Abt 1817-1894)

Appleby, Jane Ann (Abt 1869- )

Appleby, John - Quarryman (Abt 1833- )

Appleby, John Henry (1881-1937)

Appleby, John James - Draper (1881-1940)

Appleby, John Ralph (1892- )

Appleby, Joseph - Aerated Water Manfr (Abt 1842-1922)

Appleby, Joseph (1812-1883)

Appleby, Joseph (Abt 1865-1890)

Appleby, Joseph James (Abt 1884-1904)

Appleby, Kathleen M G

Appleby, Lizzie Jane (Abt 1888-1907)

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1853- )

Appleby, Margaret Doris (1898-1995)

Appleby, Margaret Emily (Abt 1871-1902)

Appleby, Mary A (1863- )

Appleby, Mary Ann (1911- )

Appleby, Mary Elizabeth (Abt 1866-1881)

Appleby, Nora (1902-1903)

Appleby, Ralph - Joiner (1855- )

Appleby, Ralph (Abt 1827-1952)

Appleby, Sarah Ruth (1848- )

Appleby, Thomas - Coal Miner (1884-1963)

Appleby, William - Clerk (1894- )

Appleby, William - Soda Water Manfr, coal weighman (Abt 1846-1916)

Appleby, William (1853-1933)

Appleby, William (1883-1917)

Best, Robert (Abt 1805-1885)

Bulman, Barbara (Abt 1858-1896)

Cook, Sarah Jane

Cooper, Barbara Ethel (Abt 1885-1935)

Dixon, Thomas Henry - Police Constable (Abt 1870-1937)

Hall, Rachel - Milliner (1852-1941)

Hills, Cathleen Louisa

Hooker, Margaret (Abt 1878- )

Huck, Mary Irene (1912-2006)

Lovegreen, Thomas E (1893- )

Middleton, Elizabeth (Abt 1845- )

Murray, Mary Jane (1877-1959)

Musgrave, Margaret A (Abt 1820-1877)

Robson, Dorothy (Abt 1816-1872)

Robson, Elizabeth (Abt 1842-1881)

Taylor, Elizabeth Ann (Abt 1841-1878)

Telfer, Jane (Abt 1846-1879)

Thompson, Ann (Abt 1789- )

Todd, Hannah (1859-1940)

Weatherby, Isabella (Abt 1852-1891)

Willey, Thomas - Farmer (Abt 1813-1864)

Wilson, William


CLICK HERE to view the descendancy chart for

Henry Appleby of Hyons Wood

Note: the chart will open as a pdf file - you will need to zoom in and scroll across to view all the family members

path in Hyons Wood

this photo of a 'path in Hyons Wood' confirms that it is indeed a very old woodland.  The photo is reproduced from the Geograph site with permission of Andy Curtis who includes many images of this area on his Geograph page

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