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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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John Appleby, stonemason of Acklington

According to census data, John Appleby was born in Acklington in around 1790 - he was a stonemason journeyman.  However his sons and grandsons were brick and tile manufacturers - moving around various Northumberland Tileries, including Belsay, Ellington, Ogle, Black Heddon, Wingate and Bothal Park.


This line is almost certainly linked to that of the

belsay tilery b

view the family tree chart for John Appleby and Margaret Dawson

?DixonMary Ann 1858-1901

AppelbyElizabeth 1883-

ApplebyAdam 1859-1861

ApplebyAgnes 1923-1988

ApplebyAnnie 1897-

ApplebyAnnie Aitchinson 1908-2000

ApplebyBetsy Lena 1886-

ApplebyCatherine Alice 1886-

ApplebyDorothy M 1915-

ApplebyEdna 1917-1964

ApplebyEdward 1828-1829

ApplebyEdward 1871-1891

ApplebyEdward 1897-

ApplebyEdward John 1832-1891

ApplebyEleanor 1892-

ApplebyEllenor 1860-

ApplebyFrances Alice 1864-

ApplebyFrances Alice 1885-

ApplebyHannah Edith 1873-1954

ApplebyHannah Watson 1852-

ApplebyIsabella 1826-1893

ApplebyIsabella 1880-

ApplebyIsabella 1868-

ApplebyJames 1890-

ApplebyJane Ann 1866-

ApplebyJemima 1888-

ApplebyJohn 1850-1851

ApplebyJohn 1877-1911

ApplebyJohn 1907-

ApplebyJohn 1786-1854

ApplebyJohn 1855-1897

ApplebyJohn 1876-1911

ApplebyJohn Dixon 1890-

ApplebyJohn Thomas 1880-1911

ApplebyJohn William 1910-

ApplebyJoseph 1837-1908

ApplebyJoseph 1881-1891

ApplebyJoseph 1888-1901

ApplebyKate 1885-

ApplebyLizzy Jane 1878-

ApplebyMargaret 1871-1871

ApplebyMargaret 1858-1871

ApplebyMargaret 1875-1908

ApplebyMargaret A 1868-

ApplebyMargaret Dawson 1824-

ApplebyMargaret Elliot 1877-1892

ApplebyMargaret Norah 1903-1985

ApplebyMary 1871-

ApplebyMary 1882-

ApplebyMary Ann 1868-

ApplebyMary Jane 1863-

ApplebyMeggie 1902-

ApplebyRalph Watson 1910-

ApplebyRalph Watson 1848-1911

ApplebyRichard 1879-

ApplebyRichard Robinson 1917-1973

ApplebyRobert 1834-1834

ApplebyRobert 1835-1899

ApplebyRobert 1887-1952

ApplebyRobert 1902-1994

ApplebyRobert 1869-

ApplebyRobert George 1895-

ApplebyRoy Charlton 1924-2012

ApplebySarah 1884-

ApplebyThomas 1822-1851

ApplebyThomasine Anne 1879-

ApplebyWalter 1920-1997

ApplebyWilliam 1829-1840

ApplebyWilliam 1873-

ApplebyWilliam 1886-

ApplebyWilliam 1890-

BoydDorothy 1875-1901


CharltonMary Ellen 1885-1920

CrozierCatherine 1847-

DawsonMargaret 1794-1839

DixonAnn 1838-1918

DouglasStanley 1907-

ElliotIsabella 1854-1911

EmmersonAgnes Percy 1905-1986

HoggJane 1841-1873

LawsonAlexander 1868-

MacLeanAlice 1832-1909

MarshallRobert William

OrmstonJames Jones 1907-1990

RobsonAgnes 1880-1947

RobsonGeorge 1869-

RutherfordWilliam 1826-

StephensonRobert 1819-

StobbsDorothy 1880-

WatsonJemima 1830-


These images of the Belsay Tile Works were reproduced with permission of the SINE Project at Newcastle University.  Please click on the link to read more about this well-preserved group of traditional tile kilns

Acklington Applebys, but we need to access more parish records to establish where the connection might lie.


I am grateful to Janine and John for providing information about this line.

We have some yDNA tests for this line - and I am pleased to report that they are an excellent match to an Appleby descendant from the main Acklington line, so it is looking as if all the Acklington lines share a common ancestor.

belsay tilery a
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