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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Jonathan Kidd Appleby

We are told from family recollections that Jonathan Kidd Appleby spent much of his life living and working in Egypt.  His father William Appleby, who was an engineer (on the railway?), travelled out to Egypt with his wife Catherine Porter some time after their marriage in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1868.  From Wikipedia, I learned that Egypt was the second country in the world (after England) to introduce a national rail system - with the first proposal for a railway from Cairo to the Sea of Suez being proposed in the 1840s.  In 1851 Robert Stephenson was contracted to build Egypt's first standard gauge railway - and from the numbers of single men travelling from Engand to Egypt on passenger lists, our Appleby family was one of many!

























It is possible that there are also living descendants of other branches of this line - do please contact us if you can provide any further information.


This line featured in a BBC programme in March 2021 in their 'DNA' series - I will try to find out if it is possible to access the episode on Catch Up.


4-4-0 locomotive number 694: one of a class of 15 built by the North British Locomotive Company in Scotland for Egyptian State Railways in 1905-06


ApplebyAnn 1822-

ApplebyAnn 1825-

ApplebyAnn 1855-

ApplebyCatherine Jane 1895-

ApplebyDorothy 1797-

ApplebyDorothy 1852-

ApplebyElizabeth 1856-

ApplebyElizabeth 1861-1871

ApplebyFlorence Katherine 1906-1984

ApplebyGeorge 1826-1881

ApplebyGeorge 1867-1868

ApplebyGordon A 1911-1911

ApplebyGordon Harbon 1911-1994

ApplebyGordon Stewart 1883-1922

ApplebyHenry 1893-

ApplebyHenry 1802-1851

ApplebyHenry George 1910-1979

ApplebyJane 1827-

ApplebyJane Sandwith 1863-1911

ApplebyJohn 1822-

ApplebyJonathan Kidd Market Inspector 1879-1929

ApplebyJoseph 1830-

ApplebyMargaret Ellen 1902-

ApplebyMargaret Jane 1863-

ApplebyMarian 1794-

ApplebyMary 1792-

ApplebyMary 1836-

ApplebyMary 1865-

ApplebyMary E 1868-

ApplebyRichard 1865-1874

ApplebyRichard Thomas 1899-


ApplebyRobert Henry 1859-1911

ApplebySarah Eleanor 1861-

ApplebyThomas - Engineer 1865-

ApplebyThomas - Engineman 1768-

ApplebyThomas - Husbandman 1797/1801-

ApplebyThomas 1820-1861

ApplebyThomas 1831-

ApplebyThomas 1864-1911

ApplebyWilliam - Engineer 1837-1903

ApplebyWilliam George 1897-

ArmstrongEdith 1896-

ArmstrongEvelyn Margaret 1894-

ArmstrongJohn Thomas 1866-1911

ArmstrongLily Catherine 1891-

BennettJane 1872-

ChapmanNicholas -1891

CookDorothy Emily Mary


HarbonFlorence Ellen 1871-1916

LowesMary 1830-1901

NicholsonElizabeth 1833-1871

O'DonnellHilda 1896-1923

PorterCatherine 1841-1902


ProudDorothy 1791-1845

PuddephattFrederick C

RichardsonMargaret 1796-1851

RutherfordMargaret Ann 1886-

ThompsonSarah Ann 1824-

WalkerAnnie Isabella 1871-1911


back- J.K.Appleby, unknown, unknown, front-Henry A

We have not yet found a birth record for Jonathan and it is possible that he was born in Egypt, where his younger brother was born and where his parents William Appleby and Catherine (Porter) also died.  Various records suggest Jonathan's occupation was as an 'Egyptian Market Inspector' and our contact thought this should read 'Marker Inspector'.  However the railway connection seems to be evident in his father William's early life in Gateshead, Co Durham where he also worked on the railways, as did one of his brothers Joseph Appleby.

This photo shows Jonathan Kidd Appleby standing left, with his two sons Henry and Gordon sitting.  Do you recognise anyone else?

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