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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Joseph Appleby tinplate worker of Bethnal Green

Joseph Appleby married Harriet Nay in Hackney in 1843, but despite the concerted efforts of several descendants of this line, we have still not discovered any record of Joseph's birth or parentage (hence my hope that the Appleby DNA project will provide the answer!).  


On their marriage certificate Joseph said his father was Charles Appleby, wheelwright.  However, I can only find one Charles Appleby, wheelwright, living at the right sort of period - he lived in Chelmsford in Essex but I can find no evidence of him having a son called Joseph, or indeed that he ever left Essex.  Joseph consistently gave his place of birth as Bethnal Green in every census entry, so it seems unlikely that the Charles of Chelmsford was his father.





















A number of Joseph and Harriet's family were also involved in the tin plate and tin toy manufacturing business - you can read more about this family on my personal family history website


If you can provide any additional information about this family, or if you would like copies of any certificates or photographs, do please get in touch with me.


I would also like to thank Clive and Daphne for assistance in completing this tree.


DNA results

We already have one set of yDNA results for this line (from a descendant of Joseph's son John) and are seeking a volunteer descended from one of Joseph's other son's to take a yDNA test to confirm that the family tree for this line is correctly reconstructed.  Please use the contact form on the left if you are interested in volunteering. Initial results of the DNA test indicate that there is a probable link with the Willenhall Applebys from the Midlands.

jack appleby at work_thumb

the image shows Joseph's son John Appleby (standing left) in his working clothes, probably outside the pub!

Name index for the family of Joseph Appleby

Angold, Emily Eliza,

Appleby, Ada (1887- ),

Appleby, Ada Charlotte (1891-1963),

Appleby, Ada Hand (1870-Bef 1911),

Appleby, Agnes E (1918- ),

Appleby, Albert (1890-1968),

Appleby, Albert (1916-1999),

Appleby, Albert Hand (1883- ),

Appleby, Alf (Abt 1909- ),

Appleby, Alfred Hand (1869- ),

Appleby, Alfred John (1883- ),

Appleby, Anne (1866-1898),

Appleby, Annie (1872- ),

Appleby, Caroline (1870- ),

Appleby, Charles Edward (1846-1917),

Appleby, Daisy Alice (Abt 1888- ),

Appleby, Edwin Charles (1915-1945),

Appleby, Eliza (1851- ),

Appleby, Emily (Abt 1858- ),

Appleby, Emily Harriet (1876-1878),

Appleby, Emma Ann (1880- ),

Appleby, Ernest (1886-1964),

Appleby, Florence (1883- ),

Appleby, Frederick William (1915- ),

Appleby, George Charles (1879- ),

Appleby, Grace (1894- ),

Appleby, Harriet (Abt 1854- ),

Appleby, Henry (1855-1891),

Appleby, Henry Charles (Harry) (1898-1943),

Appleby, Henry Hand (1877- ),

Appleby, Irene (1923- ),

Appleby, John (Jack) (1861-1934),

Appleby, John Charles (1885- ),

Appleby, Joseph (Abt 1822-1894),

Appleby, Joseph Charles (1844-Bef 1901),

Appleby, Joseph Hand (1874- ),

Appleby, Lillian Hand (1882- ),

Appleby, Minnie (1881- ),

Appleby, Minnie (1892-1959),

Appleby, Percy (1891- ),


Appleby, Phoebe Hilda (1910- ),

Appleby, Sidney Tinsley (Abt 1903- ),

Appleby, William (1848-1909),

Appleby, William Charles (1874- ),

Appleby (Later John Mastel), Walter (1888-1966),

Blythe, John,

Chandler, Emily Margaret,

Chapman, Samuel,

Chater, Florence,

Freeman, Barry (1930- ),

Freeman, Bert (1894-1989),

Freeman, Joan (1920-2002),

Freeman, Ralph (1923- ),

Friend, William,

Gates, Agnes Eliza,

Gorton, Rosetta Caroline (1899-1949),

Gregory, Phoebe (1887-1984),

Horne, Florence,

Horne, George,

Johnson, William B,

Layer, Ernest Matthias

Lowry, Charlotte (1860-1926),

Mastel, Rita (1919- ),

Mastel, Royston John (1917-1998),

Mullins, Louise,

Nay, Harriet (1822-1897),

Newell, William Henry,

Norton, Alice,

Nott, Edward W,

Pentelow, Deborah (1882-1967),

Rogers, Sydney,

Saunders, Amy,

Skinner, Charles,

Sudbury, Emma (Abt 1845- ),

Tibbs, Alf (Abt 1922-1941),

Tibbs, Alfred James (Abt 1890- ),

Ward, Emily (Abt 1847-1897),

bethnal green road

this photo of the Bethnal Green Road is from Ken Russell's Bethnal Green Photo Archive - you can submit your photos of this area to be included on Ken's excellent website

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