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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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APPLEBYs of Lancashire and Northumberland

The earliest Applebys we have located in this new line appear in Yealand in Lancashire - the eldest, John Appleby, b~1795 married Mary Currey from Ireland, and although their first child was born in Bolton, Lancs, the next two were born in Ireland and then the family returned to England where they seem to have settled in Hexham in Northumberland.  It has proved difficult to locate parish register entries for the earlier generations as they were Roman Catholics (and Catholic registers are not widely available) - but we do have entries in the Yealand Conyers RC registers for John the flax dresser and four younger girls who seem to be his sisters ... but although the entries name the sponsors, where there is definitely a BELL connection, they do NOT name the parents!

map of Yealand conyers Lancs

North Lancashire in 1865 (OS First Series)


Appleby, Beatrice May (Abt 1900- )

Appleby, Catherine - Music Teacher (1883-1965)

Appleby, Elizabeth (1848-1856)

Appleby, Elizabeth (1875- )

Appleby, Georgina - Housekeeper (1881-1944)

Appleby, Hannah (Abt 1897- )

Appleby, Henry (Abt 1838- )

Appleby, Isabella (Abt 1908- )

Appleby, Ivy Lily (1902-1902)

Appleby, James - Soldier; Gardener (Abt 1840-1926)

Appleby, James (1884- )

Appleby, James (Abt 1909- )

Appleby, James Matthew - Gardener, Assurance Agent (1889- 1970)

Appleby, Jane (1799- )

Appleby, Jane Ann (1914- )

Appleby, John - Flax Dresser (Abt 1795-1873)

Appleby, John (Abt 1836- )

Appleby, John (Abt 1872- )

Appleby, John (Abt 1899- )

Appleby, John Jackson - Chartered Accountant (1906-1991)

Appleby, Joseph - Gardener (1876-After 1939)

Appleby, Joseph (Abt 1894- )

Appleby, Laurence Godfrey (1907-1907)

Appleby, Margaret (1797- )

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1906- )

Appleby, Mary (1801- )

Appleby, Mary (1883- )

Appleby, Mary (1912- )

Appleby, Mary (Abt 1895- )

Appleby, Mary Ann (Abt 1832- )

Appleby, Nancy St Clair - Civil Servant (1914-1996)

Appleby, Nellie (Abt 1886- )

Appleby, Norah - School Teacher (1912-2003)

Appleby, Sarah (1796- )

Appleby, Thomas - Chimney Sweep; gardener (Abt 1845-1930)

Appleby, Thomas - Provision Dealer (1874-1947)

Appleby, Thomas Bradbury (1901-1902)

Appleby, Tom Dennis (1910-1991)

Appleby, Unknown

Baird, Dorothy (1911-2000)

Bradbury, Mary Hannah (1872-1952)

Coleman, Jane Eleanor (Abt 1880-1939)

Currey, Mary (Between 1802/1808-1891)

Dobie, Mary E (1893- )

Dodd, Margaret (Abt 1889- )

Dodd, Mary (Abt 1850-1894)

Newton, Mark

Rowell, Annie (Abt 1848-1926)

Sproat, Jane Ann (Abt 1873-1910)


We have a set of yDNA results from a descendant of this line, and they are a close match with testers from Northern Group Two (this group has origins in Yorkshire and Northumberland) - so perhaps our flax dresser's ancestors had not originally come from Lancashire at all, but the family was returning home to Northumberland when they settled in Hexham?


Hopefully, at some point we will discover more about this family's early origins, but until then, the chart linked below is all we know.


Click here to view the descendancy chart for John and Mary Appleby

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