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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Scarborough Applebys

In 1881, the district of Scarborough in North Yorkshire had the second highest concentration of Applebys in the whole of Great Britain (the only district with more Applebys per 100,000 population was Lexden, near Colchester in Essex).


Terry, our Newsletter Editor, is making a detailed study of the Scarborough Applebys and has assembled a huge amount of data for Scarborough itself and the surrounding area.  

three mariners cropped
shop sign cropped

Terry is still trying to discover where all these Applebys originally came from, as they do not appear in the Scarborough records until around 1750 though there are odd Appleby records going much further back, but not in existing parish records which only start in 1687.


So if you have any connections with Scarborough Applebys, please contact Terry!!

As well as loads of data, Terry also has lots more photos of Scarborough (old and new) - he will be happy to provide the link to other Scarborough Appleby researchers.  The 1892 map of the east end of Quay St in the old town is marked with numbered arrows showing where the modern photos below were taken (click on the images to open thumbnails and enlarge the map itself)

All of Terry's maternal ancestors lived and worked in Scarborough and he maintains a website for all the data he has collected.

You can visit Terry's

Scarborough website



Scarborough Family History Data


The website includes links to spreadsheetss containing full details of Applebys appearing in parish records from

Scarborough, St Marys'

Scarborough St Thomas

Scarborough Non-Conformist and Quaker records

Scarborough censuses and trade directories

as well as burial records and photographs.  

appleby distribution 1881 around scarborough

Distribution of Applebys in 1881 census in East Yorkshire (click to enlarge)

This map of East Yorkshire was produced using Steve Archer's 'Surname Atlas' software.  It shows the number of Appleby (and variant) individuals living in each Poor Law district in the 1881 census - these districts are very similar to the Registration Districts.  


The numbers in boxes show the number of individuals bearing the Appleby surname in each district that appeared in the LDS transcription of the 1881 census (all likely mistranscriptions have been included)

The "Three Mariners" public house, the oldest pub in the town (now a private house).  This photo was taken before 1907, when Joseph Appleby was the landlord.  This view taken looking West down Quay Street (arrow 3 on map below)

Another view of the "Three Mariners", taken between 1907 - 1918 when Joseph's wife Esther was the landlady (arrow 9 on map)

arrow 6 thumb
arrow 1 thumb
arrow 2 thumb
arrow 3 thumb
arrow 4 thumb
arrow 5 thumb
arrow 7 thumb
arrow 8 thumb
arrow 9 thumb

arrow 1 - the old 'Dog & Duck' in Quay St

arrow 2 - plaque on wall of the old 'Three Mariners'

arrow 7 - looking East to present end of Quay St

arrow 6 - numbers 54 & 56 Quay St

arrow 5 - looking up Salmon Steps

arrow 4 - 54 Quay st and Salmon Steps

arrow 3 - the 'Three Mariners' - now a house

arrow 8 - looking west along Quay St towards Salmon Steps

arrow 9 - rear of the 'Three Mariners'

1892 Map of Scarborough old town - (this is only a small section of Scarborough town, showing part of Quay St and Sandside)


Many of the buildings shown on this map no longer exist, and parts of Scarborough look very different since the construction of Marine Drive in around 1902-1907 when the eastern end of Quay Street was demolished.  Just to the West of Salmon Steps at the top of the map, is a small passage named Appleby Passage.

Quay Street ....

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