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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Thomas Appleby of Argentina and Chile*

Thomas Appleby married Sarah Hill in Whitby, Yorkshire in 1779.  

Three of their four known children had strong associations with South America:


The eldest Thomas Appleby travelled to Argentina, where he married Manuela Videla Gomez in Mendoza in 1815.  Thomas's sister Mary Appleby was married to William Walker - their two sons John Appleby Walker and Tomas Appleby Walker both died in Chile.  Thomas himself was an agent for the Walker family selling armaments to the liberation armies of Argentina and Chile - these were transported in the sailing ship 'Tephane' - owned by Thomas's brother Robert Appleby.  Quite a family enterprise!


Thomas Appleby became good friends with Generals Jose de San Martin and Bernardo O'Higgins and he never received payment for the armaments (you can read about Bernardo O'Higgins on Wikipedia - along with a splendid photo).


The information about this line of Appleby's was contributed by Colin Appleby and Alberto Walker - see Alberto's genealogy of all Walker families in Chile at We are also most grateful to Jose for the copy of Thomas Appleby's marriage record and the additional information on Thomas's Argentinian descendants.


The family tree chart for this line will be interesting for researchers only accustomed to the English way of passing on surnames through the paternal line ... study it carefully and you will be able to work out exactly what the rules are in Spanish speaking countries in south America.

click HERE to view Thomas Appleby's family tree

If you are descended from this line and are able to add any further information about generations EITHER in Argentina or Chile or of families descended from those who remained in Whitby, please use the contact form to get in touch.



If you are a male descendant from this line who carries the surname Appleby, and would be interested in participating in our DNA testing programme, please contact me.


NAME INDEX of known descendants of Thomas Appleby of Whitby and Chile:


Aguado, Juan,

Appleby, John Hill (Abt 1787- ),

Appleby, Manuela Agustina De Las Mercedes (Abt 1821- ),

Appleby, Mary (Abt 1781- ),

Appleby, Robert (Abt 1779- ),

Appleby, Thomas,

Appleby, Thomas (Abt 1785- ),

Appleby Ferreira, Alejandro Federico (1865- ),

Appleby Ferreira, Delfina (1854-1855),

Appleby Ferreira, Maria Carolina (1868- ),

Appleby Ferreira, Roberto (1869-1871),

Appleby Ferreira, Rodolfo (1869- ),

Appleby Ferreira, Tomas Federico (1862- ),

Appleby Ferreira, Victoriana del Carmen (1864- ),

Appleby Segura, Delfina de los Dolores (1853- ),

Appleby Segura, Eleuteria Abelina Del Carmen (1855- ),

Appleby Segura, Elisa Manuela (1851- ),

Appleby Segura, Juan Rodolfo Waldo (1857- ),

Appleby Segura, Tomas (1857- ),


click on the image above right to see a full size copy of the record of the marriage of Thomas Appleby junior to Manuela Videla Gomez in 1815, which has very generously been provided by Jose


The translation of the document seen below has been provided by Joe, who is himself descended from  Roberto Alejandro Walker who married Jane Wylie in Chile in 1850 - if you have any information about this family, please do contact me and I will put you in touch with Joe.

SealThree (two deleted) reals


                                                THIRD SEAL, YEARS 1808 AND 1809.

                                                Valid for 6th and 7th years of the Liberty

                                                S.N.T. and Three Ecc


Don Thomas Appleby, natural of the kingdom of England,

in York, Capital of the province of Yorkshire, reconciled

with the church in this capital, legitimate son of Don Thomas

Appleby and Dona Rosario Hill, aged twenty five

years, resident of this city fourteen months, and the rest

two years and four months in the capital of Argentina and other cities

of its provinces, having left his country the year of 1810,

and doing business from Cape of Good Hope

to (Rio de) Janeiro and one or another coastal trips. Before you, I appear and say:

that in the next session of Our Lady I wish to wed

Dona Manuela Videla and Gomez, natural of this place, and legitimate daughter

of the late Don Eusebio Videla, and Dona Agustina Gomez, and so it may be

reviewed according to the order of the church of Our Lady of Argentine.


I beg that you admit the information that I offer, as well as,

that we are both unmarried and free, and order to practice

the rest of the indagations which you deem necessary and I sware that I do not proceed in malice...

                                   Thomas Appleby

Mendoza, April 20 of 1815                  


Proceed to explore the consent of Dona Manuela Videla

y Gomez, which has been submitted, and acknowledged, receive the information

 offered and other legal orders (autos).


                 Garcia                           before me

                                                                        Jose Santos Ram....

                                                                        Provost EclIn


In Mendoza city, on another day, month and year, in compliance with the preceding decree, go to the house of Dona Manuela Videla Y Gomez, from whom I formally receive that she did by don N ... this year … (the bottom of the document is missing)

* originally, this page was called Thomas of Chile, but thanks to all the South American information provided by Jose, we now know that he actually spent most of his time in South America living in Argentina.

IM Thomas Appleby y Manuela Videla 4139 Medium Web

Baptism of Elisa Manuela Appleby

Baptism of Delfina de los Dolores Appleby

Marriage of Don Federico Appleby and Dona Baldomera Segura

Marriage of Juan Agado and Abelina Appleby

Click on any of the four images above to see a larger picture plus a translation into English.  More thanks to

 Jose and Joe!

Appleby Videla, Roberto Federico ( -1869),

Aubone Appleby, Armando Raul (1897- ),

Aubone Appleby, Helena Saturnina (1888- ),

Aubone Appleby, Hilda Leticia (1895- ),

Aubone Appleby, Jorge Isaac (1892- ),

Aubone Appleby, Matilde Victorina del Carmen (1885- ),

Aubone Appleby, Roberto Cesar (1887- ),

Aubone Ferreira, Pedro Segundo (1861- ),

Ferreira de la Rosa, Letitia,

Gomez, Manuela Videla,

Hill, Sarah,

Martinez, Custodia,

Seguira Real, Baldomera,

Walker, John Appleby (1810-1876),

Walker, Robert Appleby,

Walker, Tomas Appleby,

Walker, William,

IM Federico Apleby y Baldomera Segura 4285
IM JUan Aguada y Abelina Appleby 4302
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