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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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William Appleby of Pennsylvania

This family tree chart has been kindly submitted by Bob, one of William's descendants who lives in the USA.  He writes:

My ancestors, William Appleby and his brothers John and James, came to America in 1770 or thereabouts.  William served in the PA militia during the revolutionary war.  


Oral history says they sailed from Antrim, Northern Ireland.   I have been unable to find a ship's manifest that lists them.  Nor have I found any records from Antrim indicating they were born there.   I did find a William Appleby, who married Anne Potter and had three boys, William James and John, but have not been able to find a link.   The birth dates of the boys are close to what they should be, but again not proof.

It is likely that there are many more descendants of William (and possibly also of his brothers John and James) currently living in the USA - and perhaps there is someone out there who knows a little more about the family he left behind in Ireland (or, as suggested by the yDNA results, in England)?


If you have any further details to add to this tree, do please contact us.


We have three sets of results from descendants of different branches of this line - they match in 34 our of 37 markers, demonstrating that they are indeed all descended from the same man  (see chart showing yDNA carriers for this line).  Remarkably, we now have a number of other matches with these sets of yDNA test results - from descendants of lines in County Durham, Northumberland, Lancashire (all in northern England), two lines from Canada and also two lines which originate in Roscommon in Ireland in the late 1700s (one of which migrated to Scotland). One of the Northumberland lines has been researched back to 1615, so it now seems likely that the shared ancestor with all these lines lived in the North of England.  Further research of the written records is needed!


If you think you may belong to this line, and your surname is Appleby (or you have a close male relative who carries the surname) you are just a DNA test away from proving it!

Lydia A. (1833-1883),

Akard, William J

Anderson, James,

Appleby, Amanda M.(Maline) (1845-1923),

Appleby, Andrew Mcmurray ( -1976),

Appleby, Antine (1858- )

Appleby, Baby (1897- )

Appleby, Bell G (1873- )

Appleby, Benjamin (1811- )

Appleby, Benjamin W (1832-1911),

Appleby, Clara (1893-1972),

Appleby, Clay B (1861-1881),

Appleby, Cynthia Orlena (1857- )

Appleby, Dan (1841- )

Appleby, David (1788-1867),

Appleby, Eagleton Argyle (1852-1945),

Appleby, Eliza Frances (1837-1911),

Appleby, Elizabeth (1770-1845),

Appleby, Elizabeth A (1879-

Appleby, Elizabeth F (1838-

Appleby, Elizabeth Lolo Jane (1882-

Appleby, Ellen (1883-1954),

Appleby, Elsie (1900-1903),

Appleby, Flossie (1887-1951),

Appleby, Gola (1869-

Appleby, Grace Grissy (1775-1832),

Appleby, Homer G (1868-1896),

Appleby, Homer O (1868-1942),

Appleby, Ida Belle (1865-

Appleby, James (1779-1805),

Appleby, James (1801-1869),

Appleby, James Albert (1879-1961),

Appleby, James Matthew (1853-1932),

Appleby, James N (1819-

Appleby, Jane (1898-

Appleby, Jane Jean (1780-

Appleby, Jemmina Ellen (1843-

Appleby, John (1778-1863),

Appleby, John (1814-1858),

Appleby, John B (1829-

Appleby, John Benjamin (1878-1935),

Appleby, John Quincy (1825-1896),

Appleby, John Simeon (1844-1844),

Appleby, Joseph Lewis (1924-1972),

Appleby, Levi (1867-

Appleby, Lincoln (1889-1922),

Appleby, Lutucin (1853-

Appleby, Margaret,

Appleby, Margaret (1837-

Appleby, Margaret Isabel (1855-

Appleby, Mary (1891-1965),

Appleby, Mary Polly (1796-1857),

Appleby, Minnie S (1871-

Appleby, Nancy,

Appleby, Nancy (1789-

Appleby, Nancy Ellen (1926-

Appleby, Nancy Josephin (1850-1865),

Appleby, Nannis (1860-

Appleby, Raymond Kite (1919-1995),

Appleby, Rebecca (1800-

Appleby, Rhoda (1885-1962),

Appleby, Robert F or W (1842-

Appleby, Roscoe (1881-1949),

Appleby, Russell Gilmore (1894-1945),

Appleby, Samuel (1845-

Appleby, Samuel (1896-

Appleby, Samuel (Jr) (1921-1985),

Appleby, Samuel B (1790-

Appleby, Samuel B (1808-1887),

Appleby, Samuel David (1855-1922),

Appleby, Samuel Glover (1830-1906),

Appleby, Samuel J (1835-1854),

Appleby, Sarah (1836-

Appleby, Sarah Cassandra (1835-1844),

Appleby, William (1752-1807),

Appleby, William (1784-

Appleby, William (1806-1878),

Appleby, William (1839-

Appleby, William Allen Lonnie (1859-

Appleby, Wilson Otho (1874-1950),

Appleby, Zulina (1875-

Bedell, Melissa Ruth (1836-

Bell, Catherine (1782-1866),

Bell, Sarah (1772-1852),

Bond, William W (1829-1891),

Bradshaw, James (1844-

Bradshaw, Robert (1806-

Bradshaw, Samuel (1845-

Bradshaw, Sarah (1847-

Bradshaw, Thomas (1840-

Bradshaw, William (1849-

Cathey, Esther E


Colburn, Paul Appleby

Davis, Mary V

Ewing, Jane E (1811-1846),

Fox, Amy J (1871-1887),

Fox, Baby (1872-1872),

Fox, Ida A (1869-1886),

Fox, James E (1874-

Fox, Robert S (1880-

Fox, William Nelson C (1844-

Galbreath, Louisa Gertrude (1874-1953),

Hamilton, Susie E (1849-

Hart(Hurt), Emily (1808-1861),

Johnson, William D

Jones, Nancy Jane (1854-1934),

King, Terzah C

Kite, Sarah Elizabeth (1854-1916),

Lane, Nancy (1818-1909),

Lane, Robert F  

Lane, Thomas,

Lemmon, Mary Ellen (1860-

McClure, Rebecca A

McCracken, Margaret Jane (1824-1894),

McCroskey, Nora Mellissa

McCurdy, Nancy Agnes (1765-1809),

McKeehan, Elizabeth Nannie (1745-1785),

McMurray, Synthia S (1804-1839),

Mitchell, Marvel P

Parker,  Leila Bell

Richcer, Alma,

Robberson, Martha Ann (1837-1911),

Summers, Letitia Logan (1828-

Wetzler, Nancy (1843-

Wheeler, Mary Ellen

Name index for family of William Appleby

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