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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Applebys of Haswell,

County Durham

Colliery and Metal Bridge near Ferry Hill, with most of them settling in Haswell around the time of the 1881 census.


You can read more about the village and colliery of Haswell at the Haswell History Group's website  and there is also a wealth of information about mining and miners in Durham on the Durham Mining Museum website.


We know that Henry Appleby (1878-1938) and his wife Emma (Mortimer) emigrated to Australia in 1926/27 aboard the 'Barrabool' with three of their children as well as the two children of Henry's deceased sister Isabella Watson.  They settled in Wollongong in New South Wales.  But it is likely that there are many more descendants of this family - if you are connected to this line of Applebys, do please get in touch using the Contact Form on the left.

Click HERE to view the recently expanded family tree of the descendants of John and Hannah Appleby

miners at haswell

DNA results

The Applebys of Haswell were a family with strong connections to the coal mining industry of Durham.  Until recently, the oldest known family member was John Appleby, born in around 1786 in Lanchester (but see latest developments below).  John Appleby was recorded in Pigot's Commercial Directory of 1834 as Colliery Viewer at North Hetton Colliery in East Rainton.  In the 1841, 51 and 61 census his occupation was Mine Viewer - a very important job, with responsibility for giving directions as to the working and the ventilation of the mine.  His sons, grandsons and great grandsons were all colliery workers, and in various censuses were found living in Crag Head, East Rainton, South Moor, Bishop Auckland, Thornley

stock photo of Durham miners


clockwise from left:

The Family of Henry Appleby and Emma (Mortimer);

Harold Appleby (on the left) at the Port Kembla Steelworks, Wollongong, NSW ~1950;

Henry and Harold in 1920s or 30s;

The Barrabool, ship on which some of them sailed to Australia in the 1920s.

(click to enlarge the images)


Appleby, Ann (1769- )

Appleby, Ann (1792- )

Appleby, Ann (Abt 1871- )

Appleby, Argent Ann (Abt 1899- )

Appleby, Elizabeth (1766-1768)

Appleby, Elizabeth (1784-1794)

Appleby, Elizabeth (1808- )

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1843- )

Appleby, Elizabeth (Abt 1873- )

Appleby, Ellen (Abt 1879- )

Appleby, Emma (Amy) (1903- )

Appleby, Frances (Abt 1884- )

Appleby, George (Abt 1824-After 1851)

Appleby, George  (1890-1916)

Appleby, Gladys (1901-1967)

Appleby, Hannah (Abt 1816- )

Appleby, Hannah (Abt 1837- )

Appleby, Hannah (Abt 1876- )

Appleby, Harold (1907-1988)

Appleby, Henry (1878-1938)

Appleby, Henry (Abt 1890- )

Appleby, Isabella (Abt 1891-1923)

Appleby, James (Henry) (Abt 1854-After 1911)

Appleby, Jane (1760- )

Appleby, John

Appleby, John (1738-1785)

Appleby, John (1753- )

Appleby, John (Abt 1786-1863)

Appleby, John (Abt 1819-1889)

Appleby, John George (Abt 1841-After 1911)

Appleby, John Thomas (Abt 1878- )

Appleby, John William (Abt 1874-1875)

Appleby, John William (Abt 1882- )

Appleby, John William (Jack) (1905-1937)

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1821- )

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1839-Bef 1858)

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1857- )

Appleby, Margaret (Abt 1887- )

Appleby, Margaret (May) (Abt 1888- )

Appleby, Maria (Abt 1880- )

Appleby, Maria (Abt 1885- )

Appleby, Mary (1762-1781)

Appleby, Mary Ann Isabell (1851- )

Appleby, Mary Hannah Davidson (1915- )

Appleby, Mary Jane (Abt 1885- )

Appleby, Robert (1763-1772)

Appleby, Robert (Abt 1882- )

Appleby, Robert Jackson (1848-1863)

Appleby, Thomas (1755- )

Appleby, Thomas (1766- )

Appleby, Thomas (1795- )

Appleby, Thomas (1804- )

Appleby, William (1733- )

Appleby, William (1759- )

Appleby, William Thomas (Abt 1845- )

Appleby, Willie (Abt 1901- )

Barker, Sarah (Abt 1845-After 1911)

Bell, Frances

Brannon, James (Abt 1841- )

Brown, Ann (Abt 1721-1803)

Christon, Wilfrid H

Davidson, Isabella

Elliot, Elizabeth ( -1758)

Hall, Hannah (Abt 1786-Bef 1851)

Hall, Sarah (Abt 1737-1812)

Jewitt, George

Lovett, Sarah Jane (Abt 1860-After 1911)

Marshall, Arthur

Millburn, Elizabeth ( -1787)

Mortimer, Emma (1878-1958)

Patterson, Maria (Abt 1818-1886)

Pine, Richard ( -Bef 1901)

Pratt, Minnie

Raine, William

Watson, John W (1914- )

Watson, May (1920- )

Watson, William

Williams, Beres Jane (1917-2000)

Wilson, Mary Jane (Margaret) (Abt 1851-After 1911)


Back in 2011 we received the yDNA results for a descendant of John Appleby, born in about 1786 in Lanchester, County Durham.  These showed that this line shares a common ancestor (who probably lived around 15 generations ago) with the line of Thomas Appleby of Embleton and other lines from Northumberland, as well as that of William Appleby who sailed to Philadelphia in the 1770s (who we now suspect must have originally come from the north of England even though he sailed from Ireland).  In 2015 we used some of the money in the General Fund to pay for further refinement of several tests in the Northern Group One cluster of results, including the Haswell line.


In July 2017, we received another set of yDNA results that were an exact match to those of our Haswell line tester - but surprisingly, these were for a line originating in London!  Given the probable connection between four and eight generations back, we undertook some further research on the Haswell line to attempt to discover if there was a John Appleby born in around 1753 who could be the same John Appleby at the head of the line of Walter Charles Appleby of St Pancras - there IS a possible candidate, but as yet we have no written records to prove that this is indeed the same person.  We'll keep hunting, but if anyone out there knows more, please do get in touch!

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