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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Walter Charles Appleby, pianoforte tuner of St Pancras

reg appleby for website

The dapper gentleman in the photo is Walter's only son Reginald Charles - a wine and spirit traveller, who also seems to have led an interesting life.  I hope to be able to add some recollections of a member of this line about his ancestors very soon.


Akerman, Henry,

Appleby, Ada Elizabeth, 1866-

Appleby, Alice Maria Springett, 1854-

Appleby, Ann, 1821-

Appleby, Arthur Edward, 1871-1909

Appleby, Arthur H T, 1899-

Appleby, Arthur N, 1919-

Appleby, Dennis E, 1928-

Appleby, Dorothy R, 1920-

Appleby, Edna P, 1928-

Appleby, Eliza, 1826-

Appleby, Elizabeth, 1824-1847

Appleby, Emily, 1839-

Appleby, Emily, 1870-

Appleby, Emma, 1833-

Appleby, Frances, 1828-

Appleby, Frederick, 1902-

Appleby, Frederick George - Postman, 1869-

Appleby, George Augustus - Tailor, 1835-1910

Appleby, Graham Austin, 1942-

Appleby, Hannah M, 1838-

Appleby, Henry - Furrier, 1863-

Appleby, Henry - Land Agent, 1790-1851

Appleby, Henry - Shopman, furrier, 1831-1891

Appleby, Henry Charles Davies - Tailor, 1828-

Appleby, Iris V,

Appleby, Jessie R, 1900-

Appleby, John,

Appleby, John Ernest, 1935-

Appleby, John Frederic - Pianoforte Maker, 1845-

Appleby, Leonard G, 1929-

Appleby, Lilian F, 1896-

Appleby, Louisa Ann, 1861-

Appleby, Margaret O,

Appleby, Queenie M, 1894-

Appleby, Reginald Charles - Wine And Spirit Traveller, 1906-1970

Appleby, Richard William Arthur, 1834-

Appleby, Roger David, 1939-

Appleby, Sarah, 1839-

Appleby, Walter Charles - Piano Tuner, 1874-1953

Appleby, William - Tailor, porter, 1787-1862

Appleby, William F, 1901-

Capps, Ida Elizabeth, 1878-1960

Castledine, Elizabeth, 1764-

Castledine, Michael,

Cressall, Edwin Edward,

Davies, Alice - Needlewoman, 1805-1878

Gahagan, James - Brass Founder,

Goldsmith, Edward,

Goldsmith, Robert - Brass Founder,

Halstead, Eliza, 1915-2001

Hayes, Ernest Francis - Sgt Major, 1873-1934

Hayes, Olive Muriel, 1909-1991

Hussey, Jessie Phoebe, 1874-

Jutsam, Ann, 1799-1856

Jutsam, Ann, 1831-

Jutsam, William,

Lloyd, James,

Palmer, Minnie A,

Shephard, Amy Sophia, 1884-

Spellane, Mary Elizabeth, 1876-

Springett, Maria, 1832-1858

Tomlins, Sarah M,

Wells, Martha Ann, 1879-

Wilson, John George - Floor Cloth Printer,

Wride, Winifred Kate, 1878-1919


This line has been a delight to reconstruct, with interesting individuals doing a variety of occupations  and a number of mysteries and potential pitfalls along the way!


We didn't manage to discover why Walter Charles Appleby (1874-1954) was sent away from London in disgrace, or how the two Ann Jutsams (a mother and her daughter-in law) in another part of the tree are related, but perhaps any other members of the line who visits this page in the future may be able to offer some clues?  Do contact me if you can help.


But the biggest surprise came with the yDNA results of our tester from this line: he was an exact match to the tester from the Haswell line of Applebys, who were mostly miners, based in the Durham village of Witton Gilbert.  He also matched a number of the testers from other Durham and Northumberland lines ... so we had a pretty good idea where to find the birth of John Appleby who married Elizabeth Castledine in 1783  at St George in Hanover Square - the couple at the top of this tree.


With the help of recently released records, we have now researched the Haswell tree a few generations further back, and THINK we may have found the possible connection between these two lines.  We are still searching for written records to confirm the identity.

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