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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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John Appleby of Brompton, Yorkshire


Click HERE to view the family tree of the descendants of John Appleby

(please note the tree is quite wide)


AllottWalter E

ApplebyAlbert 1895-

ApplebyAlfred 1885-

ApplebyAlfred 1921-

ApplebyAmbrose 1921-

ApplebyAmbrose 1887-

ApplebyAmbrose 1888-

ApplebyAmbrose 1915-

ApplebyAnnie 1895-

ApplebyAnnie Hetta 1890-

ApplebyArthur 1888-

ApplebyBertha 1897-1954

ApplebyCharles 1828-1892

ApplebyCharles 1851-

ApplebyCharles 1857-

ApplebyCharles 1873-1908

ApplebyCharles 1894-

ApplebyCharles Ernest 1898-

ApplebyChristiana 1861-

ApplebyChristiana 1873-

ApplebyDavid 1849-

ApplebyDinah 1865-

ApplebyDonald R 1915-

ApplebyElizabeth 1853-

ApplebyElla 1895-

ApplebyEllen R 1912-

ApplebyEsther R 1923-1924

ApplebyEvan Thomas 1900-

ApplebyFlora Ellen 1910-

ApplebyFlorence 1887-

ApplebyFrances Mary 1889-

ApplebyFrancis 1881-

ApplebyGeorge 1834-1907

ApplebyGeorge Robinson 1865-1924

ApplebyGeorge William 1875-

ApplebyGeorge William 1906-

ApplebyGladys 1895-

ApplebyGladys May 1895-1985

ApplebyGrace Ellen 1890-1891

ApplebyGrace Ethel 1896-

ApplebyHannah 1839-

ApplebyHannah 1849-

ApplebyHannah 1863-

ApplebyHorace 1899-1958

ApplebyIsabella 1884-

ApplebyJames 1822-1896

ApplebyJames 1878-

ApplebyJames Edwin 1899-

ApplebyJames William 1881-1887

ApplebyJane 1878-

ApplebyJane Ann 1855-

ApplebyJohn 1796-1857

ApplebyJohn 1851-

ApplebyJohn 1876-

ApplebyJohn 1890-

ApplebyJohn 1923-

ApplebyJohn Thomas 1860-

ApplebyJonathan 1891-1972

ApplebyJonathan 1916-

ApplebyKatharine Louisa 1915-

ApplebyLilian Harland 1883-


ApplebyLillian 1904-

ApplebyLily 1898-

ApplebyLily 1924-

ApplebyLouisa 1859-

ApplebyLydia 1879-

ApplebyMabel Ellen 1893-1979

ApplebyMary 1831-

ApplebyMary 1875-

ApplebyMary 1892-

ApplebyMary A 1855-

ApplebyMary Ann 1878-

ApplebyMary E 1913-

ApplebyMary Eveline 1916-

ApplebyMary Hannah 1857-

ApplebyPatricia 1922-

ApplebyRobert 1887-

ApplebyRobert Henry 1879-

ApplebyRobinson 1849-

ApplebySarah A 1920-1920

ApplebySarah Aileene 1918-

ApplebySarah Ann 1857-

ApplebyThomas 1836-

ApplebyThomas 1856-

ApplebyThomas 1882-

ApplebyThomas J 1893-

ApplebyThomas Todd 1845-1907

ApplebyThomasTodd 1913-

ApplebyVeronica 1921-

ApplebyWilhelmina 1911-

ApplebyWilliam 1821-1866

ApplebyWilliam 1853-

ApplebyWilliam 1860-

ApplebyWilliam 1890-

ApplebyWilliam 1894-

ApplebyWilliam David 1874-1922



BurnsideSarah Ann 1859-


CampbellLaura 1925-

DayEleanor 1826-1871

DixonJohn C

DobsonMary Jane 1858-


HarlandLouisa 1862-


HouldscroftFlora Ann 1874-

LindseyAnn 1830-


LynasThomas W


PeacockHarwood 1877-

PrestedArthur L 1898-1974

RobinsonCatherine 1830-1906

RussellEsther 1891-

ScarrEllen 1853-

SmithChristiana 1825-1894

SmithMary Ann 1853-

StockdaleMartha 1858-

ToddHannah -1840

WilliamsLouisa 1881-

This quite large line of Applebys begins with John Appleby, a linen weaver who was born and bred in Brompton, near Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire.


Almost all of his sons moved away from this small country village, to the booming industrialised towns and villages of County Durham and Cleveland, namely Stockton-on-Tees, Durham City, Hetton-le-Hole, Wolviston and Middlesbrough.  Only one of John's sons, James, seems to have stayed in Brompton, but James' sons also moved away to Stockton, Darlington and York, so it's likely there aren't any Applebys of this line left in their original home village.


John's great-grandson, George William Appleby, immigrated to Ohio in the USA, where there are still today male Applebys. Another great-grandson, William (son of John and Elizabeth) emigrated to Australia in 1912 and enlisted in the Australia Service Corps in 1914. (A detailed biography appears in the Dominion Geordie's collection contributed by Joe)


The baptism records around 1796 (when John was born) for Brompton are not yet online, so further ancestors cannot yet be traced this way. However, if you have any further information about this Appleby branch, please get in touch via the contact form on the left.


This has turned out to be just one of several lines of APPLEBYs which originate in Brompton - Brompton is also the origin of the Salvation Army Appleby line, and I am currently researching three more lines of Applebys that go back to an area very close to it:

Bridlington Applebys (which also has living descendants in Australia)

Malton Applebys (with descendants in Canada)

Sunderland Applebys (have not yet discovered any of this line who emigrated!)

and hopefully will add new pages of each of these lines and indicate on the charts how they connect to each other.  But only yDNA can confirm these connections with any degree of accuracy, so direct line MALE descendants of all these lines would be very welcome!



We have recently received the yDNA results for a descendant of the Brompton line - they fall into the NORTHERN GROUP TWO cluster, and show a strong connection with the line of John of Kelloe. Can you help identify the link in the written records?

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