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Newsletter - June 2010

Newsletter - July 2010

Newsletter - December 2010

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New Appleby Orchard - pdf of rolling Newsletter produced from 2013 to 2016

Mailing to all Members - April 2017

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On 6 Mar 2020, I circulated a Newsletter to everyone on the Mailing List explaining my reasons for resigning from my role as Guild representative for the APPLEBY One-name Study, but that I would still be completing the research on lines already on the waiting list.


There were about a dozen members whose email address appears to be out of date as the message to those members bounced.  


If you  have recently changed your email address, and want to ensure that you are kept updated of any progress (particularly in the addition of pending lines to the website), please make sure that you have notified me of your new email address!

page updated 30 mar 2022

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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

Surnames covered in our DNA project:



plus any other variants


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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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Past Newsletters

Newsletters were issued between 2010 and 2018, though general news about developments in the Appleby Study from 2013 to 2016 were posted in the rolling New Appleby Orchard Newsletter (link to pdf copy below)


As I am giving up my role as coordinator of the Appleby One-Name Study, there will be no future newsletters.  However, updates about progress in our DNA study will be continue to be reported in the Activity Feed on our Group Page at Family Tree DNA.  But in case you want to look back at any past Newsletters, here are the links:

I will endeavour to locate all the following newsletters in my old files and attach them in PDF format!

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