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the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

the Appleby one-name study and DNA project

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The current banner shows Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland - a county in the far north east of England, bordering Scotland.  This region is home to a number of Appleby lines - and our DNA project has confirmed genetic connections between several of these, which also match lines in Canada, USA and Ireland.

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feb 2018 - updates to page 'About this study' and to page about Isaac the peruke maker

apr 2018 - Newsletter circulated to all Contacts

apr 2018 - updates to the page for 'Blacksmiths of Ellingstring'

aug 2018 - new set of yDNA results added for Applebys of Brompton, bringing the total number of yDNA results within our project to FIFTY ONE.  This latest set of results fits into the Northern Group Two cluster.

aug 2018 - page for Hezekiah Appleby updated with info about some interesting yDNA results

sep 2018 - latest yDNA results spreadsheet added

oct 2018 - the page for Durham Miners has been updated to include a newly discovered branch in Pennsylvania

Nov 2018 - link to Dominion Geordies page for Remembrance Day

Nov 2018 - update on new lines in preparation that all connect to the Brompton line

Dec 2018 - new line added for Applebys from Malton in North Yorkshire - a branch emigrated to Canada

Dec 2018 - updated page for Osmotherley Appleby line with new information about emigrants to USA

Dec 2018 - Origins and Distribution page update with new place called APPLEBY located in Scotland

Dec 2018 - Latest yDNA results page updated with results added on 31 dec 2018

Feb 2019 - added new line for the Hyons Wood Applebys - which also probably links to the Corbridge line.

Feb 2019 - updated Master List of Trees on website and Master Name Index

Mar 2019 - added new line for Samuel Appleby, Attorney and Violinist in the London section

Mar 2019 - Latest yDNA results page updated with two sets of results - a 2nd set of Wylam branch results and also test results for an APPLEBERRY descendant.

Mar 2019 - new line added for a line whose members move from Lancs to Northumberland (or is that where they originally came from??

Apr 2019 - updated BMD spreadsheets for East Anglia region

Apr 2019 - updated list of Trees on website and in progress

Apr 2019 - and another set of yDNA results added to the spreadsheet: these are for a new line of Painters and Decorators from St Pancras, London, which I hope to add to the London Family Trees shortly.  These are a bit of a puzzle as we had expected to find they matched the London group, but instead they match Midlands Group Six.  More digging is necessary to discover why!

Oct 2019 - added a new line for 'Blacksmiths of Bedfordshire' which features Robert Appleby, the only known Appleby to serve as a soldier in the Battle of Waterloo!

Oct 2019 - all Midlands Region Census data and BMD spreadsheets updated

Oct 2019 - new line added for 'Charles Applebee, wheelwright of Moulsham Essex'

Nov 2019 - notice posted on side bar about problems viewing site on Apple devices

Dec 2019 - updates to yDNA results and associated lines

Mar 2020 - three trees added for the new section on London Painters & Decorators (two more trees for this section in the pipeline)

Mar 2020 - resignation as Guild rep for Appleby study announced, and details updated to help visitors discover if their own Appleby line is held on this website

Mar 2020 - updated 'List of Trees on Website and in Progress' and also Master Name Index

Mar 2020 - line for Robert Appleby of Barnard Castle corrected

Aug 2020 - additional information added on page about Samuel Appleby, attorney and violinist

Dec 2020 - Apprenticeship data spreadsheet updated - see Resource Section

Mar 2021 - Additional information to page about Jonathan Kidd Appleby

Mar 2022 - commenced making corrections which resulted from transfer to a new hosting company ... this will take quite a long time!!

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